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Indian Instrumental SOngs

I am using Jashan E Baharan-do you know of any other instrumental ones?  I was thinking about using them while the guests are being seated.  Thanks!

Re: Indian Instrumental SOngs

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    I actually downloaded some Ravi Shankar and music off of a CD called The Spirit of India - all from iTunes
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    We used the instrumental shehnai version of "Ye Jo Des Hai Tera" (from the movie Swades) as our recessional song.  It's gorgeous.  I think the Swades soundtrack had a lot of beautiful instrumental stuff if I recall, but I'm not positive.
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    DH and I just watched some videos by a guy called Shiv Kumar Sharma that were really cool. He played an unusual instrument, the name of which I can't remember. Not sure if any of it's wedding music, but it's religious and definitely worth looking into.
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    I loved the speech in the link above.In reagrds to the music before teh ceremony, I will use some of Anoushka  Shankar sitar, instrumental only.
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