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Back from our Savannah destination wedding (long)

Okay, we've been back a week  :)  I'm really happy with our decision to do the small wedding in Savannah.We booked the "elopement package" at the Presidents' Quarters B&B and I was very happy.  The Presidents' Quarters is more of an inn than a B&B--it didn't feel like you were staying in someone's house, which we kind of liked.  The staff there went out of their way to accomodate us, and since they do a wedding just about every weekend, that impressed me.They arranged for our flowers, which came from Garden on the Square.  We had ivory roses and they were very nice and fresh.  The cake was from Custom Cakes (I think that's the name).  I was disappointed that there was a mix-up and we had a fondant cake, which I did NOT want.  However, there was a generous layer of buttercream underneath, and the fondant was actually edible!  The cake was very good and I was sorry to leave it there since we couldn't take it on the plane!  LOL.I had my hair and makeup done by Jenny with Savannah Wedding Studio, and they both turned out great.  My make up was very understated, which was what I wanted.  She did an updo that was elegant without looking like "prom hair."Gazebo Weddings did the ceremony, and I was was very pleased with it.  It was meaningful without being sappy.  My only quibble would be that back in the spring I had asked them not to use "till death do us part," because my now-husband is a widower.  They told me they didn't use that phrase, but they did!  But I hadn't reminded them, so I can understand they forgot, and it turned out not to matter.After dinner we took a carriage ride, and had dinner at the Olde Pink House.  The food was quite good but the restaurant was VERY crowded.  They brought us out a plate at the end of the meal that had "Congratulations" written in dark chocolate, and there were a few strawberries with whipped cream on the plate.  It was a nice touch!Our photographer was Jenny Goodman (Images by Jenny).  I am not at ALL photogenic, but she got the best pictures I've ever had taken!  Our wedding was on Saturday and the pictures were posted on Thursday.Before we left, we also did a Segway tour, which I highly recommend.  They only take four people at a time (it was just the two of us), so you don't miss anything, and it's a long tour (two hours).We thoroughly enjoyed Savannah and I was happy with all our vendors!

Re: Back from our Savannah destination wedding (long)

  • beerladybeerlady member
    edited December 2011
    Congratulations on your new marriage! Sounds like everything turned out great. Makes me even more excited about my Savannah wedding.
  • chosen175chosen175 member
    edited December 2011
    Congratulations!  It sounds like your wedding was a huge success!  I'm surprised you got a cake by Custom Cakes.  I believe that's Minette Rushing's bakery and when I contacted them, they said the minimum wedding order was $500.  They probably have something worked out with the President's Quarters, though.  Congrats again!
  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    edited December 2011
    Congratulations!!  I'm glad you were happy with most everything.

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  • hccpsuhccpsu member
    edited December 2011
    Lisa, you're probably right about Custom Cakes having an arrangement with Presidents' Quarters since they do at least one wedding a week there.  The chef at PQ had used them for her wedding (and everyone in her family used them, too).  It was an 8" two layer cake, and as I said, I was very happy with it, even with the fondant mix-up.  And since it was about 90 degrees out, maybe it worked better to have fondant (even though we had the cake inside).
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