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Groom wants camo vests....

Not sure if this is the right board, but do you girls have any idea on how to combine my choice of navy blue & white colors with my grooms sudden decision to get camo vests? Thanks to my SIL, he found out he could get them in that color. He's been so wonderful, that I would like to get these for the groom and groomsmen, but have already been buying navy blue for both wedding and reception?
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Re: Groom wants camo vests....

  • You are very sweet and accommodating to want go with his choice of cammo vests. I would probably cause a stink and hurt his feelings with "no way, no how", but might suggest a cammo groom's cake instead. You might add a shade of green to your navy and white color scheme. I'd probably pull a light shade of green from the cammo vests, and use that for an accent color. Like navy BM dresses with green sashes, and green and white flowers with navy ribbon wrapping the stems. And maybe white table cloths, navy toppers, and light green runners or ribbon, green and white flowers in the centerpieces with navy bows.
  • Given that you've already started buying things in your colors, are you reeeaaallly sure you want to let them wear the vests?  I mean, my FI has been really great with all the wedding stuff too, but the camo vest is where I kinda drew the line.  :-)  I'll be wearing camo lingerie and garter under my dress for him, and I'll have a small camo groom's cake.  Maybe you could consider something like this...

  • I would let your fiance wear the camo vests, I think it's awesome personally, I mean after all it's his wedding too
  • Perhaps I'm not reading your original post correctly, but can he get the vests in blue camo, or is he set on the green/brown variety?  If he's okay with getting them in blue, then just get them and move on, no further action necessary.  If he wants them in green or brown, see if you can tie those colors in with your bridesmaids somehow.  Perhaps they can carry bouquets of green and brown flowers, or wear a green sash.Or is your concern whether or not you should pay for the vests?  I'm a little confused.
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  • Remember that this is his wedding too and just as you chose your dress without his approval, he should be able to choose his attire without yours.  If it shows who he is, you should let it go. And I always cringe when someone says "you aren't going to allow your groom to wear that, are you?" 
  • Stage - I just want to say that your and your DH's attitude about everyone's attire is really refreshing and I love to see bride's who are looking at the big picture and not the zilla picture.  That's awesome.
  • Thank YOU sooo much!! I am going to go with the camo vest if that's what he really wants.  Plus I am thinking about the camo garter with a gold deer charm on the keepsake and toss garter.  I really want him to be happy, and as several of you mentioned, its his wedding too.  He's a country boy, hunting and fishing, so its a big part of his life.  I don't think blue camo would work, that would be more like paisley.  So, when we get to the shop to order tuxes and he really wants camo, I'm going to do it.  Then figure out how to work it in, or just have the camo vests and go on with my navy & white color scheme for everything else.  I don't want to be a bridezilla and want him to be as happy with our day and I am.  As said above its his wedding too!
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  • HEY one last idea! my sister is doing camo in her wedding but WHITE camo! maybe you two will like this better and find it goes better with your white and navy :)http://www.duboisformalwear.com/gallery.php
  • Hey fairy - I'm military and married to a civilian.  When he went for my garter, you can BET it was camouflage!
  • My FI dosent know it yet but he will a camo vest waiting for him.  During the reception is when he can wear it.  The store we are getting the tuxes from let us rent it for free.  I think having them for the reception would be a good way to meet half way. GL!
  • but why can't he wear what he wants to the wedding?
  • Yay!  I am not the only one whose fiance and groomsmen will be wearing camo vests! 
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  • You could have him wear the camo vest for the reception and the "normal" color for the ceremony. He could do a fun second "grand march" with his groomsmen if they are wearing them too.That way you still get your color scheme for the majority of the night and he gets a special moment at the reception.My cousin did that with his father @ his wedding. They are avid hunters and my Uncle DID NOT want to wear a tux, so that was his compromise. It was very cute having them strut out in the wardrobe change :)Hope that helps! Melissa
  • Again - why does a bride have the right to tell the groom what he can/can't wear to his own wedding.  Grooms don't get to do that with the wedding dress.  Trying to tell a groom he has to match the color scheme instead of wearing what he wants (but "allowing" it at the reception) is using the groom as a prop in the right color for the photos.
  • camo comes in blue & white these days, i can't tell what part of the country you're in but you could try fabric stores & stores that sell urban/hip-hop type dress clothes.
  • I agree with all of you who cringe at the bride "making" the room wear what she wants. I don't really care if he wears camo or not, just trying to get the ideas to mix it in with my colors. I never imagined he would care one way or another about the color, but he is a tried and true hunter/redneck who has declared camo his favorite color! LOL! I mainly am looking for a way to work it in with my colors.  Telling him "no" is out of the question.  I may just say yep, get the camo and then don't worry about thier vests matching my colors.  My dress and bouquet is white anyway, so the bridal pictures won't show a difference anyway.
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  • You are an awesome bride, fairy!
  • Kmmssg,Thanks!  I feel that its the meaning of the day and he's there in a tux for me, and he's not exactly into wearing those everyday.  I love the man in his camo or in his jeans, its what I have before the wedding and its what I'll have after too.  I feel in love with HIM, not his clothes.  As a matter of fact he told me last he doesn't care what color his vest is, its what ever I want. I'm telling him to get camo!
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  • Some brides could take a lesson from your last post!  Good luck with your planning.
  • I could be wrong, but I believe they make vests that are solid/camo reversible. Perhaps for the ceremony, the groom and groomsmen could wear the solid side, and for the reception switch to the camo?
  • My fiance also wants camo vests and I was having a hard time with his choice but it's the only thing he cares about. Depending on how set your fiance is on the camo you can get the camo vests some places that are reversible so you can get any pattern and color on the one side to match your bridesmaids for the wedding and then for the reception when it doesn't matter as much they can flip the vest inside out and have camo. That's always one option.
  • I've never actually heard of someone wanting a camo vest. But I live in NM... in our tux shops, there are chile pepper vests. I told my mom and my MOH the guys weren't planning on tuxes (it was a beach wedding, now a garden one). You should have seen the looks on their faces. My MOH was all "You're okay with this!?" Yeah... heck, I don't even know what I want to wear, let alone everyone else. Good for you to let your man be your man on his and your wedding day.
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  • Still....no one seems to want to justify this idea of making the groom all matchy matchy for the wedding and photos, and then "letting" him reverse or change his vest to camo after during the reception.  Heck - no one seems to want to justify mandating what the groom can and can't wear!
  • I wasn't really thrilled with the idea of my FI or his groomsmen in Camo vest for our wedding but when I realized how much it really ment to him I was ok with it, not to mention the fact that the vest were originally from his sister's wedding so there free. I know that they don't really go with our color's either ( Purple and Ivory ) but once they put on their jacket's the vest is mostly covered up anyway, and by the time we get to the reception I won't care anyway.    I just want to make my FI happy and realize that this is his day too and there isn't much that he really cared about with the detail's anyway, so I can do this for him. Plus my mom is making my garter out of an old camo hunting shirt of his to count for my something old!  He's going to love it!
  • I changed my color from pink to camo and my FH is not thrilled with the choice. We are avid hunters so it was my treat to him as well as a great way to represent us but he is having a hard time "visioning it" and doesn't know if he wants to switch colors. lol. I agree with everyone, pull the camo into it, keeping with the navy and white theme. Good luck. BTW, if any posters have pictures from their weddings showing the camo vest and how it worked, I'd love to see them!!
  • My FI has wanted camo vests for his wedding since well before we were engaged.  When we got engaged, I knew that he would still want to wear the camo vests so I planned accordingly and chose to have my colors be ivory and sage  green (which is a color I love).  We both get to have what we want and still have our wedding colors look cohesive.  I don't see a problem with letting the groom wear what he wants; in my opinion, the wedding should reflect both the personality of the groom and bride.
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  • I had the same problem too, he wanted camo and I wanted orange as my base color, so we had camo vest made with orange, white and some black together. its not the "correct" camo colors but he has his camo and I have my Orange wedding.
  • I say YAY to cammo vests!!  I think that would be fun and cool...  you can figure out a way to make it work with the colour scheme.  The ladies are right, it is his wedding day too and he should be able to make it his own as well.  I think coordinating with a cammo garter (if you don't already have one) would be a cool way to tie it in.  My husband wore a white tux with black pinstripes, black shirt white vest and white tie cause he loved it when he saw it... and he looked super hot in it.  The GM wore black with truffle brown vests and ties, my BMs wore cornflower blue with truffle sashes and peekaboo slips and everyone looked great.   DO IT!!!!
  • I didn't read all the other replies, so sorry if you've seen this....If he really, really wants them, maybe it's ok you colors don't match the navy colors. Maybey ou can get a navy cammo vest....they might makes those too.But maybe he'll change his mind between now and the wedding, my FI has a pretty short attention span....But cammo (IMO since I'm marrying a marine) is a military thing. Not neccessarily a normal every day thing for most people...so it's sort of random if you're not doing a military type theme.

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  • Question... when you say camo, do you mean like Mossy Oak wildneress/hunting camo, or like military camo?
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