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Shuttle Bus Rental

Has anyone rented or looked into renting a shuttle bus to transport guests to their hotels following the wedding? I've been to a lot of weddings recently where I've had to wait for over an hour for a taxi so I'm trying to find a clever way to avoid this for our guests.Thanks!

Re: Shuttle Bus Rental

  • kelmcgeekelmcgee member
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    At a friends wedding they rented school buses to transport guests from the Hotel to the reception site and then back to the hotel later at night.    it wasn't a long ride so no one really cared that it was a school bus and it was a lot cheaper for everyone.
  • sillyasillya member
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    Check with the hotel sometimes they have a shuttle service that you can use. 
  • ChihuahuaGolfChihuahuaGolf member
    edited December 2011
    We are renting a school bus too, it was the cheapest and most flexible option. Everyone that we've talked to about it has been really happy that the option will be available and nobody cares that it's just a school bus. We are also able to split the time - we don't have to pay for the bus during the reception, just the time we use it before and after. Pay attention to school buses in your area and call the company directly (e.g. Hammond, Laidlaw, etc.). We are asking everyone to e-mail us (putting that on our website and RSVP cards) if they want to use the bus because we need to make a schedule and we need to know if we have enough seats. We will e-mail the bus pick-up and drop-off schedule in the week before the wedding for those that need it. Don't go too crazy, though - we are only having pick-ups at our recommended hotels, and we are only running the bus once at the end of the night. None of this "Oh, some people might want to leave earlier, etc." Waaaay too complicated (and expensive!) We are just worried about people drinking and driving, and the heavy drinkers tend to be the end of the night people anyway.
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    We're getting "Aboutown" shuttle service to transport guests either to their homes if they live in the city, or to their hotel. This way we ensure people who have been drinking have a safe ride. I know most of my guests are from out of town, so I don't think we will need to use the shuttle very much. Just as long as we cover the transportation.
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    Excellent!  Thanks everyone for your responses...I'll definitely be looking into what you've suggested!
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    We are probably going to need a shuttle of some kind too, just between the hotel and the reception.  I was thinking of asking a couple of my brother's friends to act as "DD"s for the night...slip them each some $$ and they can give people rides to and from the hotel.  I don't know if it's cheaper than renting a bus or not.
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    Hi Ashley,If your wedding is in Toronto, (or another city with public transportation, perhaps) I am pretty sure you can get TTC buses chartered. Not the most classy way to transport your posse, but hey, it gets the job done, right? Not sure how much it costs either, but I know it's possible and worth looking into. Good luck!
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    I looked into it for my wedding.  The cost for a school bus was $290 for 3 hour, $340 for 5 hours or $679 for 10 hours, plus taxes.    I am replaces the favours with the shuttle to keep the cost down. I think most of my guest would rather have a ride than some candy or a trinket.  I know the prices aren't from the area, but I hope that it can give you a ballpark figure

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