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Viet Friendly Wedding Planner in Boston

I’m trying to find an affordable wedding planner to help with my Vietnamese banquet reception, as I’m a white bride I could really use someone who is familiar with either Viet or Chinese wedding banquets. Does anyone gave any recommendations for the Boston area, or are there any organized former/current brides who’d like to make a few hundred bucks  helping out with day of coordination. My fiancée and I are both planners, I plan formal ballroom events on a regular basis and he used to be a wedding planner for his university chapel, so we really need someone just to help us with day of stuff. Thanks!

Re: Viet Friendly Wedding Planner in Boston

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    Try paging Jeniwindy. I think she wanted to start a DOC business. GL!
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    I second Jenwindy. You can try paging her on the Boston boards too
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    Try Emilie and Fiona of Pink Orchid Weddings are both Chinese and have experience with Chinese wedding banquets.
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    I had a consultation with Pink Orchid, and to the best of my recollection, at least one of the two DOCs does not speak a Chinese or Vietnemese dialect.  I think maybe one of them speaks Mandarin, which may not be that helpful when dealing with banquet staff in Boston (where Cantonese is predominant).  They seem to be pretty great otherwise.  I'll vouch for Jenwindy.  She's a very meticulous person and awesome at details. I'll email her and let know that she's needed in this this thread =)
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    Aww, you gals are way sweet! =) Hopallee, you can shoot me an email at: jenwindy at hotmail dot com. I can help you out with Vietnamese traditions.The girls at Pink Orchid Weddings are also great. I contacted Fiona and Emily during my planning process and have no doubt of their abilities.
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