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Wedding website!

WHEW! I spent all week making mine and I'm so happy its finally finished. Sent out save the dates yesterday, we're cookin with gas!! :) Anyone else have wedding websites up?? :)

Re: Wedding website!

  • The wedding website was the first thing I did, actually!  I haven't set it up for RSVPs, though.  Just wanted the info to be out there as soon as possible since we're doing a destination wedding.
  • I don't have one and I'm not sure if i will create one...what site did you use??

    Jenny- Have I seen you on the destination wedding board also??
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  • I've had mine done. I used Weebly. Mine is all set-up for everything but the RSVP and info pages are not viewable yet. Fi and I decided that we're not doing STDs (since just about everyone is in town and those that aren't are in the wedding have known about it for like forever).

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  • I used the free one on here. I have certain pages up, some set up, but not launched for people to see, and some that I still need to work on. I thought the format was pretty easy on here.
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  • I'm a web developer so I definitely went against the grain and did one myself :) A lot more time consuming that way but well worth it!

  • We have one but it's not completely finished. We don't have some of the info yet so I've been adding as we go!
    Best of luck to you and yours!

    Feb 22, 2013
  • @Julyet - I have lurked mostly on the DW board.  They've got some great information over there.
  • My French website is done; I'm working on my English one (I'm using the version provided by The Knot). At first, I was my making a bilingual website. Jeez it was long. And then I realised I couldn't make my RSVP page bilingual; it was only French. Fine for my family and friends, but definitively not good for my fiancé's side! So I ended up making a second website.

    Stupide problème bilingue! ;-P
  • Starting this weekend
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