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A week away!!

I know I am not the only girl here with a week left!! How's everyone feeling? Any to do's left? I am going to get my nails done right now. I wasn't going to do it but it's so dry here my natural nails are in bad bad shape. I can't believe how fast the time has gone!!!

Re: A week away!!

  • We got a quite a few things done today and I am feeling pretty good, FINALLY!!! I spent the last few weeks trying to work out the MOH stuff. She ended up dropping out of the wedding this past week, btw. I think that I have thought of all the things that I needed to change because of that and have covered all the bases. I hope. But I am in total agreement, it doesn't quite seem 100% real yet. Strange to think that a week from now we will be married ladies!!! I hope that your final week as "single" goes great and that all of your plans fall together perfectly! Congrats and good luck!!
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