I Need A Barn..

Hi, First of all I'm pretty new to the board! So Hi!
I'm planning an Oklahoma wedding from Alaska!  I'm from Oklahoma and that's where all my family is at, so that's where it's going to be.
I'm looking to have a vintage country wedding.  I would like to have it in a barn. Now, my family owns a barn and I know tons of people who have barns, but nothing you could use for a wedding. 
Any suggestions?
I saw one that's in Tulsa, but I'm looking around central Oklahoma.  Like Oklahoma City, Shawnee, etc...
Thanks!!! :)
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Re: I Need A Barn..

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    We looked at Harn Homestead and really thought it was a great price. I just decided against it since we are getting married in june and there is no ac!
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    Thanks for the suggestions!!  I've seen the Arcadia one.  I definitely like Harn Homestead. 
    NO AC would totally suck June!  So I don't blame you on that one.  We haven't decided on a date yet.  FI is in the military, so we're currently waiting on orders to decide on a date, which should be in a couple of weeks.
    Thanks again ladies! I appreciate it!
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    FYI, in case it matters, you are not allowed to have alcohol at the Round Barn.  The barn at the Harn Homestead is very cool, I've been to a reception there before, definitely does not feel like you're in the middle of OKC!  Good luck with your planning, let us know if you have questions.  I think I would have an anxiety attack if I had to plan a wedding from so far away!

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    There is also the Orr Family Farm in Moore.
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    There is one around Norman/Noble I think it's called Carriage Hill or something like that.  If I can find the link I'll post it.
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    brandif1026  The planning has really just started and I'm ok... so far.   If I didn't have such awesome friends and family then there would be no way for me to plan this from 3000 miles away ! I'm very thankful!!

    but thank for all the info!!!  I'm looking at all of them.  I definitely love the look of the Harn Homestead! 

    Ya'll are all so awesome!! Thanks for the help!  And I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more!!  :)
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    Rosebrook Vineyard has a barn. We looked at it for our wedding, but decided to go another route.  It is a nice facility, and has a house on site for dressing.  They have recently renovated the place and it is very nice.

    Also, the Express Clydesdales Ranch in Yukon has one they rent out for special events.  It is more of a country setting, away from the noise of the city.  I never saw the inside, but it looks decent enough.
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    I do not recommend Rosebrook Vineyard.  I'm having my wedding there, but only because the deposit is non-refundable.  They kept some information from us about what we had access to untill we had already paid- things that are now costing us extra.

    Find a less shaddy venue.
    Enjoy the journey, remember the destination.
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    Thanks for the recommendations!! And thanks aalsworth for the info on that.
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