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hyatt regency - waikiki

Hi ladies!  Our families are staying at the Hyatt in Waikiki in the days leading up to the wedding.  We were thinking of going with one of their packages for simplicity sake... but I was wondering if any of you have any experiences with weddings there?  My main concerns are that the hotel wasn't able to provide me with photos of the locations beyond what was on the website... which isn't much.  Also, because we're such a small group, we're concerned that the location may not feel private enough with hotel guests milling about below the terrace even the other side of the terrace?If that doesn't work out, do you ladies have any suggestions for ceremony sites that aren't too far from waikiki (i know that by nature that's a bustling area...), will feel private, and aren't on the beach?  If not in the Waikiki area, then it still has to be closer to the airport and not farther away from it.  We were also looking at the Kahala... I know many brides here have used them... but it's pricey... and we'd have to add in a lot of extra cost because we have such a small group...Also, Outrigger... don't know much about them.I thought a small wedding would be easier to plan, but it's tricky since we don't want to be right on the beach.p.s.  I feel like I sound like a bridezilla!  But really, I'm just a bride that can't help but want to make everyone else happy... Thanks a bunch!

Re: hyatt regency - waikiki

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    FI and I are have our ceremony and reception at the Coconut Club.  It's at the Aston (formally Resortquest) hotel at the end of the Waikiki strip on the 21st floor and it's a beautiful view of the beach, ocean, and Waikiki from up there.   We also wanted to have a small, private wedding without blowing our budget.Good luck on your search!Ally
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    Not sure about Hyatt Regency, but our WC had different packages at different locations you could try.  www.hawaiiweddingsandevents.com
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    Hello!You're not a bridezilla.  As far as pictures of the property (other than Hotels website), try Tripadvisor even google (images) and/or photobucket.  I've had success search out many different properties and found travelers photo's VERY helpful.Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for your suggestions ladies!  I looked into all of them.And fickle girl that I am... I'm now leaning towards a completely different setting (from the Hyatt.)My friend lives in Hawaii and recommended a wedding coordinator that she knows.  I started communicating with her today and she has some lovely ideas that seem better catered to what we're looking for.  So we'll see!
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