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So I'm in a bit on conflict, this what I've come up with for the RSVP card. We are going with an Alice in Wonderland theme, and we didn't want the ordinary saying for anything, we wanted untraditional, unconventional wording. I wanted something unique and dark so this is the reason we have chosen these wording :P RSVP DATE: (we want it to say exactly like this) Drop in the the mailbox no later than August Friday the 13th We have reserved X seats in your honor. ___Regretfully Accept ___Happily Decline (FI's pick) OR ___Can't wait to grub & dance my feet off. ___Sorry I'll miss the free food (MY PICK) :P --------------------------------------------------------- Which sounds best? Everyone thinks my pick is hilarious hehehe! With an Alice in Wonderland theme invite which would sound best? TIA!!!!


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