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POSTING Wedding signs **help**

I am planning on posting (malloting them into the ground not hanging them on a tree or pole) three wooden homemade appealing signs 2 a mile away from the estate each way and one at the front of the estate cause everytime i go there even though i slow down i always pass or have to slam on my breaks and make half a u turn to go down the drive. I wasn't going to cause just about everyone coming has the internet and can mapquest but after speaking with a girlfriend about how she's not familiar with that area at all and honestly just a handful would be I thought "Ok this is something that would comfort guests". My question is does anyone know if there is any posting sign laws on not to's? I figured i would try to make sure it was on public property or ask whoever's in the area. I have been internet searching but haven't found anything yet. TIA

Re: POSTING Wedding signs **help**

  • maui2011maui2011 member
    edited December 2011
    I believe they do...do you have a WP or DOC...they would know for sure.  Even if there is one you would only need to post the signs for a limited amount of time so you may be able to get away with it.  J. :-)
  • Samaralynn23Samaralynn23 member
    edited December 2011
    No I don't and I have asked the property manager but no responce. It didn't even dawn on me to call the police station and ask so I think I'll try that too. Thanks :)
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