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Interview questions?

Hi, I finally got an interview after months of trying but I'm really nervous cause I haven't been on one in so long.  If any one has some pointer on what to say when they ask me what I have been doing since my last job?  I've read that you shouldn't saying looking for a job or talk bout the bad economy.  Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.  I'm really shy and I feel that it hurts my chances of getting jobs but I don't know how to get over that.TIA

Re: Interview questions?

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    Before you leave pick three adjectives that you believe describe you and qualify you for the job. Center all your answers with those three adjectives in mind. Know you ARE the best for the job. Be truthful..if you don't know how to do the latest program than say "I'm not skilled in that, but I am willing to take personal time to attend a training session."
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    I agree with the pp and take a deep breath before you enter the room.  You'll be fine and remember they're calling you in for an interview for a reason.  Also, many employers know how bad the economy is right now. I don't think you have to worry about that question.Remember to do your research on the company and ask them a lot of questions.  People always love to brag about themselves or their company.  Good luck!
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    Think about what you have been doing. Obviously looking for a job, but have you been working on your house? Reading new books? Improving your backhand at tennis?These things are probably going to be unrelated to the job but show that you aren't just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.Just remember, they are nervous too and they called because they like you. Try to breathe slowly and stay relaxed. But they expect you to be nervous, so its ok. 
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    Some things to ask to break the ice and not be so nervous is to ask the interviewer what their background is. Maybe you have something in common. Also, if you're not really familiar with the position, ask what a day is like for the position. I'm sure you know this already, but make sure you do know about the company. You'll really impress them when you say something along the lines of "I was browsing your website and saw that you cater to alot of different markets." Or something like that. Definitely know yourself and memorize your skills. Think of some things where you showed leadership in the past and go from there. If you can't figure out what your weaknesses are, ask your FI or someone close to you that won't lie. I did this and had FI tell me my weaknesses and turned it around for the business world. GL!
  • ms nobodyms nobody member
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    ohh and ditto PP on asking questions. Bring a list. of at least 5-10, they'll probably answer some of them during the interview. The big one i like to ask: What are some characteristics of the ideal candidate for this position. What kinds of/are some special projects or assignments would encounter that are not in the general job description. What does a typical day include? Does this position cover any other desks? How are the breaks and lunches scheduled?
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  • TruchanaTruchana member
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    Research the company.  Bring a portfolio or binder with you and have 5-10 questions as someone else said. You want questions that you really are interested in (however don't bring up pay) but also questions that show you have done your research in the company.  I used to get nervous when they would ask if I had any questions and kind of freeze up.  When they ask if you have any, you can simply open up your binder and review what you have in there and see if any relate to the specifics you'd been talking about.  You also don't want to come out of left field and ask about some crazy acquistion or issue that is not related to your job whatsoever though. Also, Try to be yourself and at least appear as though you are comfortable.  It shows confidence. Try to develop a good rapor with the interviewer.  If you can find something in common, even better. For instance, if you find out you are both SPartans or Wolverines or something, try to play on that a little.  These people are after all, human.Practice your answers to the questions.  Before hand, have some key examples that you have in mind and that you feel comfortable elaborating on, especially with behavioral based interviews.  You can buy a book with questions or just google them, either way, just practice!!  You will be fine!
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    Thanks everyone for the advice.  Gathered some ideas on how to answer some questions and some to ask.  Wish me luck!
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