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Hi Ladies,   So I’m having a dress dilemma… in that I haven’t got that OMG I am crying type moment. I have been to about 9 dress places and tried on a ton of dresses and I keep going back to the first dress I really liked, and I thought since I kept going back to that one over all others its “the one”. The problem is I haven’t had had the “this is the dress” moment and I really like the dress but its not like I feel so incredibly beautiful I don’t want to take it off! Even though my sisters and Mom and everyone I have shown the dress to thinks it’s “the one”.   What’s wrong with me!!! My FI says its because I am watching to many Say Yes To The Dress episodes and I’m phycing myself out, but really is it just me… am I in that small percentage of women who just don’t have this moment… if so.. it totally bums me out… L

Re: Dress Dilemma!!

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    I'm sorry. I didn't have that feeling with my dress either, if it helps you feel better. Even on Say Yes to the Dress they have brides like that though. They just never have that feeling. I am sure you will find something as a part of your wedding that you will have that feeling with. Now that you have tried on so many I am sure that has made it worse. Have you gone back to try on that original one? You might find you feel better about it and have that this is the one moment with it. HUGS
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    Thanks Karebear! I have gone back and tried on the dress about 3 times, and I like I said I keep going back to it so that probably means its the one for me. I'm just glad to hear I'm not the only bride who hasn't felt "that feeling" about their dress! Thanks again!!
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    FWIW, I never got that feeling either. I would suggest going back by yourself and trying on the first dress and see what YOU think of it. To me, though, the fact that you keep going back to it says something. The consultant that I worked with the first time I tried on my dress mentioned that despite the many other beautiful ones I tried on that time, that was the one where my shoulders looked naturally confident but relaxed when I wore it.
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    I never had that feeling either. So you are not alone. If you keep being drawn back to it, there is a reason. Agree with prior posts - go try it on alone and see how you feel.
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    I never had that feeling either. I loved a bunch of dresses. I ended up buying the one that seemed to be most flattering on me and was exactly what i'd been looking for.
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    Thanks ladies for all your help! You're the best!!!
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    Are you a cry when you're happy person?  B/c I'm not.  My mom asked me after FI and I got engaged if I cried, and I was like, Why would I?  No, I punched him on the shoulder and said, Holy crap.  Shut *up*!  :) So it was no surprise that I didn't cry when I tried on my dress.  But I freakin love it, and I felt real purty when I tried it on.
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    Thanks for posting this! I know the feeling... I'm sorry, I am going through the exact same thing. SO hard! I am just going to keep shopping for another couple weeks! Good luck! :) Maybe try to bring some real props with you veil, flowers, jewerly, and hair to help creat the more dramtic look you'll have on your wedding day. Hopefully that might help!
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