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Petite girls trying to lose weight

To all of you petite girls out there trying to lose a few pounds before the big day...did you have a hard time losing the weight? How much did you lose and how long did it take you? I'm currently 5'1" and about 127, which i probably should not be complaining about but i more so just want to lose a little fat so i look more toned. Everywhere i read says that petite sized girls have a harder time losing weight...just wanted to see if any of you had this problem....:-)
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Re: Petite girls trying to lose weight

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    I'm 5'1" & around 115. I did the 30 Day Shred for the couple months before the wedding. I don't think I lost any weight but I got compliments on my arms looking toned. I have no type of discipline when it comes to eating so had I eliminated some baked goods I prob would have dropped some lbs, but that wasn't really my goal.
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    I don't  know about the petite thing but I think it's harder to lose weight when you don't have that much to lose to begin with. I'm 5'3" and weighed 135 lbs in april of 08. I lost about 17 lbs in about 10 months which seemed like forever to me.I just worked out a lot and didn't really change what I ate a whole lot but I did notice my eating habits more.
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    I'm not really petite (I'm 5'7"), and I'm not really trying to lose weight (I'm about 130) but I'm trying to tone up a bit, and it's hard as hell. Mostly because I'm lazy. But it seems like my arms and abs only go so far, and they just stop getting toned. And it sucks.
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    Yes..I'm 5'2" and was 130 lbs. I wanted to lose about 15 lbs. So far I'm down to 124. I have tried everything. Eating less, exercising more. I have tried a couple different diet pills too. I tried Healthee Trim which didn't work at all except supressing my appetite. Now, I'm doing the Jillian one with the 2 pills. I got it from GNC when they were running a special. It has helped a ton!!!
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    Well it sounds like you guys got some payoff to workout before your weddings. I'd be happy just looking more toned(especially on my arms, shoulders and chest area), the number of pounds isn't that important. We just got a treadmill today off of craigslist, so now i no excuse not to exercise!
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