Hello, and a question...

Hi everyone, I'm new to this website and I thought I'd introduce myself! I'm Eileen. I'm 20 and I live in the Bangor area with my fiance. We are both attending UMaine as education majors, and my DF is also in the ME National Guard. He proposed in July of 2008, and we're finally tying the knot in August!

And here's my question for you ladies...
We are attempting to do our wedding for as close to $5000 as possible and are inviting close friends/family only (about 60-70 people). What are some good (but moderately priced) venues/photographers/and wedding cake shops in the area? We've looked at a few online and are planning to visit a few in the next few weeks so any information anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: Hello, and a question...

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    Venue/Catering:     As always I recommend Eintstien's Restaurant in Berwick.  We are having our rehearsal dinner in their ballroom 40 people (It can hold 80)  for worst case scenario $1000. Buffet with non alcoholic drinks and gratuity included. Here is the website.  Although they don't have pics of the ballroom on there you can get the info of what number to call and where they are located.
    As soon as we arrived on the third floor from the elevator and turned the corner to see the room it took my breath away!  Gorgeous!!!  A hidden gem!

    Photographer:     I recommend Peter Ingersoll of Windswept Acres Photography.  He has not only been an incredible photographer, but an excellent resource for all things wedding!  He has packages for all budgets and has been incredibly fair about pricing for add ons!  website: 

    Cake Baker:  The one I am using does it out of her house and I think she may only do it for members of our church, but I am meeting with her tomorrow.  I will let you know if she does this service for everyone if you would like.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hello, and welcome! I don't know if you're looking for places in the Bangor area, but we are getting married at Shawnee Peak in Bridgton, mostly because it was the best deal we could find. The ceremony and reception, including food, will be about $2,500, and you could probably do it for closer to $2,000 depending on what you pick for meal options. It's a pretty location, kind of rustic, a little more casual, but for us it was perfect. I would check with local golf courses, since they usually do weddings and are affordable, at least in our experience. The Penobscot Valley Country Club says they do weddings, but I have no idea what their prices are like -- maybe worth checking out. And since it's a small wedding, you could easily find a restaurant that would fit everyone and that may be cheaper than a hotel ballroom or something like that.

    We really love our photographer, Clare Norton. Her package is $1,500, and it includes her all day, plus the digital rights to all your photos. She's a really talented photographer and has been really great to work with. Photography was really important to us, so we wanted to pick someone who was still affordable but still had the style and professionalism we were going for.

    For cakes, I would stay away from the big bakeries and find someone with a smaller operation. We are using Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott in Portland -- yummy cakes, great price. For 100 people we are spending $300, so for 60-70 people you could probably spend $250 or less.

    People have recently been talking about budget vendors and vendors in the Bangor area, so I would check past posts for more ideas.

    Good luck, and congrats!
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    We are meeting with the Spectacular Event Center next week, but I will definately check out some of the others mentioned! And thanks for the advice on photographers and bakeries!
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    I would check out Millennium Event in Newport, the owner is very organized and great to work with.  My cousin is having his reception there in August and they are paying about $1400 for the site, food, music, linens, and the M room which is a bar located right on site, even though it's a convention hall, once it's decorated you can hardly tell.  She used to run and bridal shop so she knows what she's doing. 

    Not sure if you are having an outdoor reception or indoor or church. But there is cascade park and plenty of lake areas, and plenty of churches.

    For florists, I have heard horrible things about Hampden florists (but that's just what i've heard).  Chapel Hill seems to be the best one around, and from what I have heard they are very reasonably priced.

    For cakes. There's Franks bakery, and a lady who works out of her house its called the gateau maison (i think), I picked up one of her brochures at the Bridal gallery and she was on channel 5 news back in December that you could still find online.

    For photographers,  I would recomment Connie Hartel.

    She is still building her wedding portfolia but her other photos are really good and she is very reasonably priced.

    Good Luck with your planning.
    I am also a Bangor area bride so if you need anything let me know.

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    I don't have any recommendations for that area, but I'd like to second the recommendation for Clare Norton for a photographer.  My biggest regret of all my planning was that she was already booked on my date.  Her regret too, would have been fun, since we graduated HS together...  She offers great pics at a great price!
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