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Happy Halloween!

Aside from the ladies getting hitched today, what does everyone else have planned?We were going to take my niece trick or treating but J's sister just called & said never mind. So... we have no plans tonight.

Re: Happy Halloween!

  • Well, first off, I was excited for the ladies getting married!!! I did a little happy dance for them. I also took my pretty little pirate out for her first trick or treating experience! We have a really cute downtown here in Sequim, and all of the shops were handing out treats. For a 17 month old she did great!!! I was amazed! She wasn't fussy or difficult at all, and just loved the other kids and the excitement. It was really fun. :) Chris and I also went to a party, and I was the only girl that was all dolled up. That's perfectly fine with me! We had a blast! Some of groomsmen were there so we got to chat it up about the wedding. They were all really excited about wearing top hats, which is really awesome. So that's about it. It was a very eventful day for us all. :)
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