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is this a bad idea for inexpensive dinner?


Re: is this a bad idea for inexpensive dinner?

  • Congrats on the free help! Isn't it funny how sometimes we get so worked up over something and when we start brainstorming and putting the idea out there we find out that it's no big deal and everything works out just fine??!!! I'm sure that just talking the idea over with all of your friends and family that you'll get all the help you need and in the end I'm sure you'll be surprised that the budget may grow as well... Good luck and can't wait for you to post the final menu!!!  
  • Thanks, the free help is actually the person I mentioned earlier...but I actually talked to her and confirmed this morning vs just going on my mothers word that she had volunteered. and she was honored I asked.
  • and ironically, I was not so worried or worked up about asking friends until I posted on this forum...I just wanted to know if anyone had done the idea before and how they did it and how it worked.
  • I think the pasta/salad bar is a great idea! I agree, your guests would want to eat more than cake & punch, but I think this is a good way to save money and still serve dinner. I much prefer a buffet to a plated meal, anyway. That way, everyone can choose what they want!
  • Glad that you're getting some help... Have you decided on a new food budget, though? LyndaUSVI gave you a good savings tip...
  • My only thought is that I have several family members and friends who cannot eat any wheat products due to medical conditions. They would basically not be able to eat the main course at your reception. They also could not eat salad if croutons were already mixed in, and usually can't eat meatballs or creamy sauces. It isn't a super common thing, but it is becoming more prevelant. Otherwise (as long as the pasta doesn't all get stuck together), the food sounds like it would be good. If you have the budget, you may want to include some other toppings such as brococli, mushroom, or peas, all of which are fairly inexpensive but go well with the sauces you were thinking of.
  • If you want to feed people but cannot afford a lot, why not ask about having a caterer do heavy passed hors'deauvres? It is the cheapest form of food, and it allows you to decide how much food is enough. People eat less, but feel full because they are constantly it seems like they are getting one-on-one attention and service! They won't realize that you are saving money while doing it!
  • ugh... im gunna be frank here... it sounds a bit white trash.. bring on the banjos!
  • I know you have already gotten a bunch of great replies on here, but I wanted to suggest another option. If you are doing a wedding that is at about 7pm or later, then the reception probably won't be until about 8pm. Because you would be starting so late, people will definitely have already eaten dinner before they came. They won't want another full meal just an hour or two later. I would suggest a coffee and dessert bar. This is something that could definitely be done for around $100 and would not look cheap. This is what I am doing. I will have coffee and cappacino in mass amounts with several creamer/sugar options available and then will have several dessert option -all in bite-sized, not silverware required portions. I am serving homemade biscotti, no-bake cookies, sugar cookies, mini fudge brownies, mini expresso brownies, and possibly pumpkin roll. I am also considering having hot chocolate and maybe punch on the drink line, depending on how much the rest of it costs. It is a perfect solution for my wedding, especially since my reception will be on a wintery evening. Coffee and Dessert will be the perfect foods for the atmosphere we want. I hope this helps!
  • Almost - I recommend that you serve some more filling food at your reception. If your ceremony is at 7PM, many of your guest will arrive around 6:30-6:45PM. Which means they left the house/hotel at 6PM. Which means they were getting ready since 5:00 or 5:30PM. Which means they didn't have time for dinner. And they'll be hungry at the reception. The type of reception that you're describing is really more appropriate for a wedding that's held later in the evening - around 9PM or so.
  • I am hoping for a wedding at 4-5 oclock. we need the light outside, as an intrical part of our saving money is using the beautiful stained glass of our chapel as part of our decoration. I want to do dinner. I just don't want to spend a fortune. thanks for the suggestions.
  • I would be really careful with doing pasta.  It sits heavy in the stomach, and at my friend's wedding this past summer caused vomiting - even in the sober cabs.I liked the idea of the home-cooked buffet, but since I'm in MN, we're all about that kind of food.  But there are a lot of options like that which would work in your situation.  Even if you need to have something catered, you could use the home-cooked buffet idea of sides, and only cater in the meat options.  That way, you know the meat is going to fresh and good to go, and most sides will keep long enough to cook early.
  • Pasta caused vomiting? Did they eat to much? I have never had that experience just eating pasta, salad and bread...sometimes if the sause is to rich or something, cause I can't do really rich food. I will take it into consideration. thank you.
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