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Our wedding is in May 2010 and we just found out that Ironwood Country Club, the location of our reception, just filed for bankruptcy.  We don't know what to do (the banquet manager assured us that new owners are already in place and the transition should be smooth with little changes, but if we wanted to cancel we could get back our deposit).  But with only 6 months until our wedding the majority of places are already booked!  Is anyone else in this same situation and if so, what are you doing?Thanks!

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    Honestly, I bet the transition will be smooth - the new owners aren't going to want to start off on the wrong foot and surely would want to welcome any existing business. I would just ask to meet with the new owners or banquet manager and discuss your concerns with them. Trying to switch venues at this point would be difficult, your options would be limited. Good luck!
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    My uncle is actually the banquet manager of the club. You'll be fine.  The transistion should be very smooth.HTH
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    the newspaper said that some current members/people who helped open the club originally are planning to buy it when it goes up for auction in january-it would have already been done but the bank refused a lower offer than what the loan was for so they will just wait until january and buy it then (probably at a much cheaper price lol) good luck in whatever you choose to do.
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