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I need to set up a wedding website so guests can get all the information online and have a way to contact us if they need to.  I was wondering which ones are worth setting up and which ones I should steer away from.  Was thinking of just doing wedding window, but don't know anything about the sites.  Thanks ladies!
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Re: wedding website

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    I used weebly for my bio for knotties and the Knot website creator for my wedding website - BUT I forgot the password I set for my knot wedding website so I can't get to it - does anyone know how to reset it?
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    We're using wedding wire. It's pretty easy to use and it's free.
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    i did several trials and was my preference- super easy!
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    I used it's awesome and really easy to put together with great templates.
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    I'm using wedding window as well. I set up my website in August and I haven't had any problems yet. Everything is really easy to use and I've received lots of compliments on it.
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    I used for my guest site (I loved that I could have music on it!) and I used for my planning site because I can upload as many photos as I want for all the ideas I found on here!
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    I am using as well. It's user-friendly (which is great for me!) and it's free. The only downside is that the addy shows up ""But most wedding websites do that anyways, so it's not a real big deal :)
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    I think the knot has some cute ones now. We did ours through
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    I'm pretty sure I'm going to use Weebly.
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    Thanks everyone! You gave me tons of sites that I can check out now.  I'm getting a lot of questions and e-mails from guests and can't wait to get a site up and running so I can just tell them to go there and look at all the information.
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    I used wedding, it allowed our site name to be '' it doesnt have all the features I'd like, but its free!
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    Hi Hillary,We used Project Wedding, which is a site similar to The Knot. It is really easy your don't need to know HTML or any website lingo/info. You can add sections and delete others depending on what information you need for your people to know. It adds maps and finds directions, does it all.If you go to and sign up. Then click on websites and get started!Good Luck,Jaime
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