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We are looking for a venue in Milwaukee (or surrounding suburbs) that seat 400+ guests for dinner. We are trying to stay away from hotel banquet halls and golf courses. Our ideal venue would have a "wood" lodge feel. We have also been searching other locations that you can rent for large parties, ex. Universities, boyscout resorts, etc. With no luck.

Can anyone provide any suggestions as to venues they have checked out, weddings (of this size) they have been to, or random locations we could inquire about rentals?

Re: Large Wedding Venues 400+ guests

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    It's not "wood lodge" feel, but personally, I think it is beautiful - The Grain Exchange. They can accomidate up to 500. Actually, you might want to just call Bartolotta's and ask them because they have a bunch of very large places. I know there's one called The Promenade at Pier Wisconsin that holds 400.
    I think the Italian Community Center can hold large parties, but I'm not sure how big.

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    We have looked into several of the Bartolotta's and didnt real feel they had what we wanted.

    ICC is a large space but has more of a banquet, "chandeliery" feel.

    If there are any places you could have a large party, ex renting a barn, converting a roller rink, etc. I think our intention is to find something most wouldn't think of, but realize that is hard to find around the city.
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    It's in Hartford, so there is a bit of a drive (about 40 minutes), but the Chandelier Ballroom is very large and very beautiful! Turner Ballroom might be another place to check out. I'm not sure how many it would hold, but maybe also look into Lakefront Brewery. I hope you find what you're looking for!
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    I've been to a wedding at the Chandelier Ballroom and it fits your description perfectly.  Also, the Washington County Fair grounds has a few buildings that hold a lot of people.
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    I can't remember what the capacity was, but the Schlitz Audobon Center sounds like it has the feel/environment you're looking for.
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    The Schlitz is exactly what' you're looking for, but unfortunately it only holds around 200.

    Check out Best Place at the Pabst Brewery site that is being renovated.  There isn't a website yet, but they are on Facebook.  Ask for Suzanne.  I don't recall their capacity right now, but it's an awesome space with the dark woods and lodge feel to it. 

    The Chandelier Ballroom would work.

    There is a barn in the Delafield area I believe that can be rented out for receptions, but I don't have the info with me.  I'll try to find it and get back to you.

    Turner Hall is amazing.  It's all dark wood and has been refurbished to it's original state.  Huge windows, a great balcony for cocktail hour.  LOVE IT.
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    I am actually having mine in the Woodland Dreams ballroom at Potawatomi Casino. It's pretty new, but it's gorgeous, but has nothing to do with wood at all.  I love it. And they've been a pleasure to work with. I'd suggest checking it out. 
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    Hi there, it might be a bit far for you but the Chandelier Ballroom in Hartford. We had our there and had 365 people with room to spare. The place is beautiful! The website is below:

    And, Michele is amazing to work with!
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    I was just in the same situation... We are inviting 425 people and its very hard to find the right place as your options are limited.  We looked and looked in Milwaukee but didnt find the right place so we started looking further out towards Lake Geneva and found The Lake Lawn Lodge!  It is a resort but it has an amazing lodge/woodsy feeling.. I know it is a little far but its be worth checking out! and its something different not many people know about. Good Luck :)
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