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Shoe problem

I found a pair of shoes to wear with my dress that I absolutely LOVE.  They are ivory satin pumps with rounded toe, 1/2 inch platform, 4 inch heel and big bow on the side.  They're so darling!  I ordered them online in the size that I normally wear (7.5) and they fit a tiny bit too snug in the toe area.  I returned them for a size 8 and those are so big that they flop up and down on my heel when I walk.  Now what?  I'll break my neck if I try wearing the size 8 that's too big.  But if I wear the 7.5, I'm sure that my toes will begin to hurt halfway through the day.  What should I do?!?

Re: Shoe problem

  • Buy shoes that fit properly.
  • You could buy a shoe stretcher and stretch the 7.5's enough to fit. Or you could also put on a really thick sock and stretch them out that way.
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  • Have you tried the 8's with an insole? Sometimes those really help.
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  • get over these shoes and buy ones that fit properly
  • Put an insole in the 8's it should do the trick, also take them to nordstrom or aldo and they can show you what else you can add like adhesive fillers in the back, you can't tell at all.
  • For those who say "buy shoes that fit properly," sometimes it's not that easy. I have really wide feet, so it's tough for me to find ANY shoes that fit properly -- finding bridal shoes is even tougher.Like others, I'd suggest an insole. That will help a little with the extra room, and it will feel more comfy on your feet. If that still doesn't feel right, go to a shoe repair shop and see if they have any suggestions.
  • I never heard of trying an insole.  But that seems to make sense in that it could fill up some of the empty space.  It wouldn't hurt to try.  Heck, it might even make the shoes feel way more comfortable too.  Thanks!
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