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Brides maids

Hey everyone,I was thinking about how would be best to be one of my brides maids.  How do you choose?  I'm very confused.  I was thinking of choosing one of my friends that I thought was my best friend, but lately I'm seeing that she is not the greatest friend.  I just feel like if i dont chose her it would cause bigger problems with our friendship.  I'm not sure what to do.  In need of help.
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Re: Brides maids

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    Two things - first, your MOH should pop right into your head. If you're not sure, than don't ask her to be the MOH. Second - your wedding is just under THREE YEARS AWAY. I know you're excited, but please please please please please wait until you are closer to one year away from the wedding (AKA 2001) to select anyone. You might make a new friend who you'd want as a bridesmaid, current friendships can change...and once you ask someone, you can't "unask" them. You have the benefit of time. Don't ask ANYONE yet.
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    saisong hit the nail on the head! Wait it out! Lots of things can change in that period of time!
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    you have 3 years until your wedding!!!!!don't make any choices about this until at minimum a year before. also-we dont know you or your friends or the situation, how are we supposed to answer you? honestly-i'm not being snarky-but really-what do you want us to say?


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    I agree with the pp, don't ask anybody yet. Wait until under a year out! I wish I did!!
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