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Perisan/American Band - HELP!! (Los Angeles)

Hi there,

I'm pretty new to this board so if I break any rules, don't kill me :)

I'm getting married this August here in Los Angeles, and am still trying desperately to find a Persian/American Band. I'm Persian, and my fiance is American... so I'm trying to find someone that can play both the Persian fun music and keep things running in the crazy persian style, but that will also play American music to keep his family all involved, and to make sure the wedding also has a young American feeling! (I'm 24, he's 26).

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you all ahead of time :)


edit: Also doable is a great American band that has experince with Persian music, and visa versa. They can play off CDs is what I mean, as long as they can handle the vibe of both types of parties!

Re: Perisan/American Band - HELP!! (Los Angeles)

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    Ask this on a local LA area board.  This board is international. Example:   I'm in NJ and know nothing about the LA area.  GL
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    fixed! is there any way i can delete this thread?
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