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Jennettes' Pier Brides...where did you stay?

I am looking for a rental house that does partial rentals (I don't want to check in to my rental house the day of my wedding so no Saturday-Saturday) within walking distance to the pier. Ideally, it would have at least 5 bedrooms. Does anyone have any suggestions of places they have stayed near Jennettes? I feel like I've looked at all the rental websites and have found nothing :( my wedding is September 14th, which is technically in the off season, but I'm still struggling finding a place that will rent for partial weeks. ahhh!

Re: Jennettes' Pier Brides...where did you stay?

  • Just a suggestion, you could try a Sunday to Sunday, check in the Sunday the week before your wedding. I don't know of too many partial weeks at that time of the year.
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  • Your best bet is to try calling the realtors and see if they can help you.  When planning in November we stayed at a house for 5 days but we called them directly.  Still cheaper than staying in a hotel! :)  I don't know if they can do that in September but no harm in trying!
  • I'm getting married in May and we had the same issue. We ended up finding three houses with Friday check-ins. We are going down Thursday before the wedding and staying in a hotel Thursday night, then checking in to our house on Friday. The wedding is on Saturday. Two of the houses are in Nags Head and the third is in Duck. I would definitely call the realty company directly and ask them about flexibility with check-in. When I was looking for houses, the realty company said because I was looked at the off-season, they could contact the property manager and/or ower and ask if about the option to check in on Friday. I think it depends on if the house is rented the week before or not.

    Good luck!

  • Most places that do partial week rentals only book them 23 weeks in advance. Even in the off season. Your best bet would be to call some companies to see if they would be willing to make any exceptions.
  • Thank you SO much for the advice...I feel like I've looked everywhere! I wasn't able to find one that rented Friday-Friday right next to the pier, but it's just a mile away! Thank you so much for your help
  • We are getting married in July at Jennette's!! I absolutely recommend contacting Sun Realty, we've been booking with them for years & have never been disappointed. They have excellent customer service. 

    These aren't rental homes, but First Colony Inn has beautiful rooms & is VERY close to the pier. If your guests need any rooms I recommend the Comfort Inn right by Jennette's Pier. The rooms aren't anything fancy, but it is LITERALLY walking distance to the pier (we tested it while there for the expo-at most a 5 minute beach walk). 

    Hope that helps!!
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