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Hey Brides, I am thinking about renting center pieces for my reception. Has anyone thought about this or looked into it? It seems like it would save money and we could get more elaborate center pieces than if we actually purchased them.

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    More details, please. Do you have a source for this? Are you thinking fresh flowers or fake or no flowers?
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    [QUOTE]More details, please. Do you have a source for this? Are you thinking fresh flowers or fake or no flowers?
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    I am thinking of real or nice fake ones but something tall and dramatic which we definitely could not afford if we had to buy the flowers and vases for each guest table. I am also considering doing it myself and trying to make center pieces with cylinder vases with flowers in the vase and water and a floating candle. I know...I am all over the place with this! The renting I think would be more expensive than DIY. Plus I would have to deal with yet another vendor. Ugh.. Hope this makes sense. This is so stressful!!!
  • The bonus about buying vases for centerpieces is that you can sell them back on Craiglist for some return on your buck (unless your guests take them home, a la Polish family weddings). 

    I've explored the option of using a bulk distributer or site like the Walmat flowers department or I haven't tried fiftyflowers yet but I'll be ordering lillies for Easter and will be reporting on them before selecting a flower vendor. 
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    If you want flower arrangement centerpieces but are worried about the cost, I would suggest  I've bought from them a few times and received beautifully fresh flowers at a fraction of the cost...just by arranging them myself!  The DIY route is definitely something to consider if you want to have your dream wedding without that nightmare cost!  We used them for my sister and cousin's weddings and got so many one knew!  We even used some of the free video tutorials featured on their site, and it was so fun to have time together with all the girls like that.
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