This is why a 3-ring binder is your friend.

I love the location of our venue.
I love the food produced by our caterer.

However, in our wedding planning process we have, of course, run into speed bumps.  This is why a 3-ring binder and being incredibly nerdy is your friend.  The below coordinators are all "on-site/staff coordinators" that are mandatory for the venue.

It all started with calling and speaking to the events coordinator (#1) for our venue.  I met with her, discussed things, she gave us a copy of the contract to look over.  We had two other venues to see (we had already seen 3.) 

When we returned to sign our contract the next month, Coordinator #1 was gone and replaced by Coordinator #2.  Um - all right.  Sign the contract, give them the deposit check, voila.  (That was Spring 2010.)

Move ahead....Spring 2011....

I get a phone call from Coordinator #3 asking, "someone was looking at hosting a wedding here with us?"  I freaked out.  I told her we already had a contract with them and a deposit.  She was confused, but she eventually figured it out.

Late Spring 2011, I meet with our caterer for final decisions on linens, etc. and see that Coordinator #2 is now working for him.  Well that helps - she knows the venue, etc.

I sent an e-mail to the caterer asking about child dinners.  Two weeks later, I get a response from caterer's wife that SHE will be handling all contracts and such now.  I guess Coordinator #2 is gone? Who knows? The response I received was a little....curt.

Today I call the venue since I'll be up in the area tomorrow, and I have been trying to reach Coordinator #3 for  some time to discuss rehearsal, etc.  I get the GM who says, "oh well Coordinator #3 is no longer here.  You need Coordinator #4.  Here is her number." a year's time, the venue has had four different Coordinators (that I am aware of,) and I think in between #1 and #2, there was actually another one in there. 

This is why I love being a nerd with my binder: all of my contracts signed, deposit checks copied and placed in there, who I spoke to, etc. 

(In the meantime, the contract on their website and the fees have changed four times.  Glad we have our originals.)

Re: This is why a 3-ring binder is your friend.

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    Wow. I haven't actually signed any contracts or sent any checks. I am going to be stealing this very good idea when the time comes
    ; p

    I hope there is no more stress for you! <3
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    That's great you have that! But what a hassle!
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    I've been coordinating and planning trade shows and conventions for our company when we're exhibitors for the past four years.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to re-fax contracts, call and argue with people, etc. because things weren't done according to contract.  I came prepared - grrrr.

    (I also purchased page dividers and have them labeled for "venue," "caterer," "cake," "florist," etc.)
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    lol I need that! I started out so great but somehow my organization has gone down the hill!
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    I made mine today!!
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    Yipee - glad I had mine.  I met with a new florist over the weekend and the wedding coordinator at our venue.  Came in handy for the wedding coordinator - that's for sure.  The new florist was on the ball.  I went ahead and gave her a deposit.  Want to see what florist #1 works up as a quote to be curious.
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    Cool! I still haven't met with mine yet, got time though! Lol just changed my colors so it's good I haven't met with her!
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    Yeah the coordinator is mandatory with the venue.  Fortunately, after hearing some stories from various venues, I opted for a "Bridal Squad:" determined friends and family members voluntarily offering their command and assistance to get things done they way they're supposed to be.
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    That's a really good idea!
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