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Hey ladies! I'm about to head out to Meet the Teacher. I'm really nervous as this will be my first one as "the" teacher. (I'm student teaching this year and will be with the class for the entire school year.) Can you ladies please just pray that everything will go smoothly and that I won't be too nervous. TIA!

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  • mrandmrsbristmrandmrsbrist member
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    Praying for you! Just be yourself and everything will go smoothly. Let us know how everything went afterwards :)
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    i will be praying!!!! (:  GL!
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    I'll be praying!

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    Hugs and prayers! The first "Back to School" night is always the hardest. Enjoy it and we will be around for moral support. I step back into my classroom to start my 13 year next week and I still get nervous ...
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    You're probably home by now, sorry I'm late. Hope it went well! I get nervous for that every year haha. This will be my 4th year. 
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    I have a feeling this already happened but I'm praying anyway
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    Thanks ladies!!! The night went really well. I was able to meet many of the students and their parents. I'm so excited now for the first day of school on Monday!
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    Awesome, have fun! What grade will you be teaching? That's so cool that you get to meet them before the school year. Our Meet the Teacher Night is in September after the first month of school. It's also cool that you get to student teach the whole year! I only got to do it for 4 months haha. 
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    So glad to hear it went well! yay

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