Looking for suggestion to tighten my engagement ring

Hi. My engagement ring is 2 sizes too big and I don't want to part with it to get it resized. Any suggestions?

Re: Looking for suggestion to tighten my engagement ring

  • you could get a ring guard
  • The salesman today said his ring guards only bring it down 1 size. I would imagine there has to be adjustable ones out there, right?
  • If your ring is 2 sizes too big, I would highly suggest getting it resized. 2 sizes is a big difference and you could easily lose it that way. I know you said you didn't want to part with it but not having it for 2-3 days certainly beats losing it forever.
  • I would agree with PP.  I have odd shaped knucles, and had to get sizing beads put in to my ring.  I was without my ring for a few days - I just wore a different ring on that finger.  Definitely better than losing it! 
  • Agree you should just get it re-sized. When I got mine resized, it only took about an hour.
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  • Wow, thank you for the advice. Very true. I was told it was 2 months without it. That's much faster.
  • I got mine rezised at Golden Nugget Jewelers on 8th and Chestnut in Center City. I dropped it off at 9 AM and they had it back to me by noon, and it was only $30. Jared's wanted to keep it for a week and I thought that was too long - 2 months is a ridiculous amount of time for a ring to be resized.
  • Jared's in King of Prussia will resize it same day since they are the main store all of the other stores send jewelry repairs to.
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