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October 2012 Weddings

Final Stretch Advice for Nov '12 Brides


Re: Final Stretch Advice for Nov '12 Brides

  • Don't stress the small last minute details. No one will notice them but you. Our groomsman and the groom didnt get their pocket squares, the cardbox had no lazy susan under it and the order of the speeches we figured out during the reception. And everything went fine. It was a perfect day because at the end of it we were still married.

    Get sleep the night before your wedding. I know it's exciting and nerve-racking but sleep is key! It helps you be more calm.

    Let your parents know you love them. Guaranteed they are just as stressed out and emotional as you are and need to be reminded that you are still their little girl. 
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  • Wedding planning is only as stressful as you make it. This advice goes with so many other great things the gals above have said! Don't let it get out of control and it'll only be stressful if you let it get to you!

    But mostly, my advice is to go get a massage today, next week and as often as you can afford it up until the wedding. ;-)
  • There will be people in your life that will cause drama some degree or another. Whether its just a bit to be annoying to a lot that makes you contemplate punching faces. Needless to say there will be drama.

    My mom gave me the best advice for this:

    Remember that at the end of the day that you are marrying your FI (man of your dreams/best friend/lover/partner/ect) and all those naysayers are going BACK home.

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  • If you're planning on doing table visits during the reception instead of having a receiving line, be very careful how you budget your time because people WILL want to talk your ears off. H and I never made it all the way across the room...about halfway through, we got pulled away to do the parent dances! We had to split up just to make sure every table got a "Hi, thanks for coming" from at least one of us.
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  • Things will go wrong and you just need to roll with the punches and not let it ruin your wedding.  I had to find a replacement hair dresser 2 weeks before my wedding and a new officiant the day before and I fought to not let it ruin our weekend, unfortunately DH was a stressball until the actual wedding.  All those people are there for you so you need to just enjoy everyone who is there and enjoy your special time.  Even if you're waiting to take a honeymoon take a few days off afterwards, you'll need it to decompress from it all.  Remember to thank everyone and remember to sit back and enjoy each and everyone moment. 
  • Plan everything for a worse case scenario. Expect no help from anybody on any front. Even if help is offered, don't believe it or count on it until you see it. Stick an extra $1000 away somewhere and forget about it. Then when things come up at the LAST minute, you have a contingency fund. If you plan your wedding like this, then bumps in the road won't feel like bumps, and good things will feel like great things. Don't stress. It'll all work out just fine.
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    One of the things that I cherished most from the day of was the time that I got to spend with my bridesmaids.  There was so much that happened the night before and the day of and they were able to calm me down from it all.  Enjoy every moment that happens, even the crazy ones where time has gotten away from everyone and you start rushing to make sure the kegs are on ice and sewing buttons back on that fell off tuxes.  It is those crazy moments that later on you will laugh about with your family and wedding party.  

    So the advice boils down to, have fun and laugh with those people that took time out of their days to spend it all with you and your fiance/husband.  
  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep the week of the wedding.  I was totally exhausted after running around doing last minute errands so I was in bed by 9pm the week of the wedding.

    If your eyes are puffy from lack of sleep, try putting cold cucumber slices with a used tea bag on top on your eyes.  The caffeine (tea must be caffinated) from the tea bag will absorb into the cucumber and, along with the antioxidants from the cucumber, will reduce the puffiness. Lay down and relax for 20 minutes with this on your eyes.  Not only does it give you an excuse to chill out for 20 minutes, it really does work!

    If you're feeling overwhelmed, ask others for help.

    Don't sweat the small stuff!  No one will notice that small DIY project that you didn't have time to complete is even missing.

    Allow yourself more time to get into your wedding dress than you think you'll need.  Even with a DOC and 3 people trying to lace up the inner corset of my dress, it still took forever!

    Make sure you EAT all of the delicious food that's at your reception!

    Be a gracious host and try to visit with each guest briefly.

    Have fun and remember to stop and take it all in.  This is you and your FI's day and you will be surrounded by so much love!

    Best of luck to all of you <3
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  • Everything the PPs have said and just these few little add ons:

    Have lots of DIY projects left? Pick the ones you really want for your wedding and get those done.

    Relax and enjoy that you are finally here! Don't start getting stressed at the last minute, you are getting married to the one you love!
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    Enjoy it, and take it all in. Do not stress over the little moments, When it's all over, you'll only have memories and pictures. try to enjoy your reception food! I know everyone is always talking about not being able to eat at their reception because that had to say hi to everyone. I rushed H through dinner because I thought we wouldn't have time. We got to see all 150 some guests, and still had time for 2 hours of dancing. He just told me tonight that he was sad he didn't get to finish his meal, and was hungry. I feel awful!!

    Remeber to get all those must take photos you've been thinking about for months. I forgot to do some.

    Take it all in as you're walking down the aisle- your Fi's face, the music, your family and friends.

    Remember to have all your payments put together and ready to hand out the day of.
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  • Don't take the declines too personally, people genuinely WANT to be there but sometimes they just can't for a multitude of reasons. 

    Remember that you want your WP to still be friends with you after - don't take them for granted or make them into bridal slaves.

    Take time to do NWR things with your FI. 

    Checklists are your friends.

    Take the time to take it all in on the day, it goes by so fast it becomes a blur. 

    When people offer to help you - let them. 

    Breathe, you will get through it all.
  • Time is going to go by a lot more quickly than you expect - do not put off to tomorrow what you could accomplish today!  I wish someone would have personally told me that advice.

    If someone offers to help you with something, they genuinely want to help.  It took me a long time during the engagement process to start accepting people's offers to help DIY/plan/etc.  A few friends actually offered to help me with a project. I bought pizza and beer and one of the girls said whenever I needed more help as long as there was pizza she would be there lol.  

    On the othe hand, remember your wedding party/friends are not your DIY helping slaves.  Just bc they agreed to stand up for you at the wedding doesn't mean that they need to dedicate hours upon hours to help you tie ribbons to your favors, etc.  

    Please don't sweat the small stuff.  My mom graciously offered to set up the decorations at the reception after the ceremony.  She forgot the table numbers that were soooooo cute.  After we made our grand enterance, that was one of the first things I noticed.  I really regret letting myself get even a little upset about it.  We were supposed to have twice baked potatos and instead had red potatos and it wasn't the end of the world.

    When it came down to the final days, I had a few different lists:
    What I need to buy (items like crochet hook, card, deoderant, etc)
    What I need to bring to rehearsal (all decorations for the ceremony, guest book, etc)
    What I need to bring to the receptions (cake cutter, decorations, toasting flutes, etc)
    What I need to have the morning of (jewelry, underware, something borrowed, etc)

    Don't forget your overnight bag!!!  H forgot his and got to go to breakfast then home in his tux :)

    Finally, it is going to be easy to get caught up in spending time with all of your family and friends - just make sure that you reconnect with your H throughout the reception!

    Have fun and good luck ladies!!
  • Now is the time to pull out every stress relief tool in your tool box... running, dancing, bathes, screaming in private places, chocolate whatever works for you... Keep those tools handy and use them liberally... don't let the stress hinder what you've got to do, i.e. keeping up with work, being nice to people. It will probably happen and it don't mean your a bridezilla.

    Whatever you do, plan on not being responsibile for ANYTHING on your wedding day, besides getting ready to go. The day before hand everything off and make sure that all the vendors know who can make decisions in your place.  Trust me, you won't, or at least you shouldn't care about the little details on the wedding day. 

    Date your FH... get a date night in a week or so before the wedding... remember why you are doing this.  When you have a hard day, remember why you became engaged, why you want to marry him, and it makes it easier.
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