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outdoor tent at the end of june

Hi All-

Just wondering if any of you had an outdoor (tented) reception during the summer. I'm looking at an end of June wedding. Is it going to be too hot/uncomfortable for my guests?

I've only vacationed in obx in mid july and august. I do really well in the heat so I'm probably not the best judge of what is considered too hot.

Any thoughts?

Re: outdoor tent at the end of june

  • I had an outdoor tent reception at the beginning of May.  If you are planning on doing one in June, I would suggest doing an evening wedding when it will be cooler for your guests.  I think you will be fine in the early evening.  
  • We didn't have a tent but I just wanted to chime in and say it can get pretty hot in June so I agree with the evening wedding suggestion.  I've been in early/mid June when it's felt a lot like July or August.  We've also had cooler weather as well.  OBX weather is definitely very funny!

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  • We used a tent on the lawn of our rental home for our early Sept rehearsal dinner (about 5:30 pm) and wedding reception dinner (about 7 pm).  I think the daytime temps were in the 80s (I just looked on Accuweather and it said 90's, but no way - it was not that hot!)  Anyway, we had flaps on two sides of the tent for privacy and it did get stuffy.  Not sweating buckets horrible, however!  A few of us figured out how to roll up the sides of the tent and that helped a lot.  It was great to have the tent just for the peace of mind in case it rained!
  • thank you all for the advice! every time i keep thinking i have my venue narrowed down, something else comes up, and i'm lost all over again.

    but i really want to try and pick 3-4 places to see in person when i go to the expo! even better would be winning the dream wedding giveaway Innocent
  • We had an outdoor reception in August. Our reception started around 6 and it was about 85 degrees. We used a tent as well as fan we rented from Metro Rentals and it was great. The fan kept the air flowing and made it comfortable!
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