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Missouri-Kansas City

Church 'rental' with outside officiant?

Hi everyone! My bf and I have decided that we will be getting married in KC for sure.  But he (I really don't mind either way) hasn't decided if he is okay with getting married someplace besides a church.  We are both very strong Christians - but he grew up a little 'more strict' that I did, i.e. going EVERY sunday, etc.  Problem is, I'm from Nebraska and we've both been in St. Louis the last 5 years (school - where we met).  The church he grew up in lost a lot of members after losing a pastor and has recently shut its doors - the church was tiny - seating for about 20 anyways - so I feel like I should start looking for churches.  Problem is - we don't have a regular church, his mom doesn't either (it was his) and if he decides he's not comfortable with just any place I want to have ideas in my head.  My question - do you know of any churches out there that will let you have your own officiant for the ceremony? BFs uncle is a pastor, and his lifelong pastor may be in the states at the time, so we'd of course rather have one of them officiate - mostly because they KNOW us.  We have thought about christian pre-marital counseling with one of them, and want the ceremony to be personal not just some random pastor to marry us.  I know some places will let your own officiant say a couple words but not perform the ceremony - and I do not like that idea.  So, any ideas? Anyone else doing this/done this?? I went to both baptist and non-denom churches when I was in NE and he is pentacostal - I don't either of us would mind what denom the church was - except Lutheran or Catholic of course, they're usually strict anyways.
Thanks in advance - sorry for it being so long!!
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Re: Church 'rental' with outside officiant?

  • wilburncwilburnc member
    edited December 2011
    You might want to check out Countryside Christian Church in Mission, KS. 

    My FI and I are getting married there.  They allow non-member weddings and I believe that they will allow you to have your own pastor do your ceremony. 

    The website is www.csidechristian.org. The church holds approximately 275 and there are pictures of it on their website. 

    You might also check out Country Club Christian Church on Ward PKWY is KC, MO.  I'm not sure if they will let you use your own officiant.  Good luck!
  • kissamarykissamary member
    edited December 2011
    My mom and stepdad had a similar problem when they got married.  My mom wasn't catholic, but my stepdad really wanted to get married in a church.  They compromised on The Loretto.  It used to be a girl's religious school I believe.  But anyway, the upstairs where the wedding takes place looks like a church (because that's what it used to be) and the down stairs is a reception space.  I know the guy who owned it did their wedding, but he might let you bring in your own person :)

  • StephB1185StephB1185 member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks both of you soo much!

    willburnc- That's awesome! I was actually beginning to fall in love with the Mission Theater, so perhaps that church would be a great fit if we decided on the Mission theater. I will check out CCCC, also!

    mary - I have looked at the Loretto and it has been stepping up my ladder as a choice! I love that it's kind of a 'two-in-one' deal!  My mom called them (I couldn't) about pricing and it looks like it MIGHT be doable, depending on food!

    Thanks again!! If anyone has any other suggestions, I'll keep taking them! :)
    "Diversity is the key to life, without it we would be a mindless drone of a single colored spectrum."
  • elm005elm005 member
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    edited December 2011
    We are getting married at Gashland Presbyterian in Gladstone.  They are very accomodating. 
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