Christmas Ornament Favors?

Ok so I have a dillemma. My wedding is in May, but me and my fiance went on our first date Dec 26th. I have been looking for favors and there was nothing I liked. And then I thought Christmas ornaments would be a little toast to when we first met. But can I give those as favors for a wedding in May (nothing too Christmassy, just classical and elegant)? If I do give them, I would wrap them up in paper that matched our theme and insert a little note in the box stating that we met in Dec. Thanks!

Re: Christmas Ornament Favors?

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    It'd be a little strange, but I'm a big fan of "do whatever you want."  Only thing about ornament favors - will all of your guests be some denomination of Christian?
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    I agree with Larissa, do whatever you want.

    Personally, 'm not a fan of Christmas ornaments as favors.  I probably wouldn't use them on my tree because I really don't care for an ornament with someone else's name/wedding date on it.  Also, I have many friends that are not Christian and/or don't celebrate Christmas so a favor like that would never work.

    I might also give the side-eye to an ornament in May.  All of my Christmas stuff gets packed away in storage during the non-holiday season.  I'm not sure what I would do with it until Christmas.  Chances are, it would get lost or thrown away.
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    If it had your names and date on it, I would leave it at the table unless you were close family.  And since I would be getting it in May, I'm sure I would lose it before Christmas.  And if some of your guests don't celebrate Christmas, that pretty much leaves them out.  

    But if it didn't have your names/date on it, and everyone celebrates Christmas, then go for it.
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    Oh yea, sorry I should have mentioned, I'm not a fan of personalized favors. They would be different ornaments, so every few people would get different designs so no household  would have to have 4 or 5 of the same ornaments. But definately no names/wedding date. And everyone on my guest list is Christian.
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    I think with your updated information than it would be fine.  I would probably give you the side eye, but if you really want to do it, then I saw go for it.
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    I personally like the idea, because we do a non-matching tree, but there are some people who have all matchy-matchy trees that might not like something that doesn't go with their theme.

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    I think this is a very cute idea.   At first people might not get it but including the note with the details would clarify anything.  Its a nice way of sharing more about your background and what is bringing everyone together on the day of your wedding.  Go for it!  
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    Try looking at some ideas on this website: http://tinyurl.com/ylln4qu You may just find some neat ideas that are appropriate for a May wedding....... Although, I think it is more about the message you are trying to send than the time of year you're getting married. If all of your guests are Christian, no problem....they all probably put up a Christmas tree then or decorate at Christmas and can use the favor then to remember your meeting date and marriage all at the same time! What a nice idea you have! Congratulations....I hope you find what you're looking for!
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    I like your idea, but then again I am getting married in December. I totally agree with the " Do whatever  you want." It's your wedding. Kind of like what I am doing... I am giving tiny gift bags with wild flower seeds in them, including a note of appreciation for sharing our day. So I am giving a favor that is more of a springtime wedding than a winter wedding, yet again I'm doing what I want. Best of luck.
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