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Anyone have any suggestions on a florist in Lincoln?  I'm thinking of using Hy-Vee, but I'm curious if anyone has any other ideas?  

We don't have a huge budget, so keep that in mind! =)

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    I haven't had my wedding yet, but I found my florist in Eagle, NE which isn't far from Lincoln, and she BY FAR has the best prices around. I'm going to be sitting down with her after the first of the year, but so far she has been extremely quick about getting back to me by email. She's a suuuper sweet girl, and her prices are FANTASTIC. She quoted me $260 for my bouquet (2 dozen red roses), 5 bm bouquets (1 dozen red roses), 8 bouts and 6 corsages (all roses).

    Here is her website. I would definitely contact her and see what kind of price quote she can give you. She's got a TON of pictures on her website for you to look at as well. HTH! GL! =]
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    We are going to us A Bloom, which is in downtown Lincoln. We just did our consult with her last week, so we are still figuring out prices and everything. My finace has used them for years and they always did a great job for him . Can't hurt to check them out!
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    I'm using Blooms N Bouquets, Melissa is great to work with.  I'm working on a tight budget as well for flowers and she informed me of what flowers are going to be in season (ie cheaper) the time that I'm getting married.  In addtion to that, if I liked one type of flower but it is usually expensive, she showed me examples of flowers that are going to be a lot cheaper and still have the same look. 

    Cannot say enough great things about her, give her a call.  She is super creative and just a blast to talk to!
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