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What should I wear to my engagement shoot Sunday?

The shoot is around 6pm and it is at the Jenkinson's Boardwalk in NJ. I chose this location because there are a lot of options between the boardwalk itself,  games, fun props, the beach, and the rocks.

I planned to wear a solid dark blue (like a sapphire blue), knee length dress with some great shoes, but I don't know if it is too overdressed. I look at a lot of engagement pictures and a lot of girls are wearing just jeans and a regular top.

FH plans to wear jeans, with a brown button-down shirt that had a dark blue and a light blue stripe.

Re: What should I wear to my engagement shoot Sunday?

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    I say wear whatever you feel most comfy in. It'll show that you are not yourself in your pics if you wear something you don't feel right in. Me, I'm more of a jeans and T kind of girl, so I knew I wanted to wear something casual. We also did a dressy shoot, so see if you can bring along some different tops and accessories to suit your mood, the weather, your photographer's ideas, etc. You can dip in a RR and change. 

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  • When a friend of mine did their engagement shoot they did both a dressed-up and casual set. They both came out great! I'd say whatever both you and FI are more comfy in.

  • I agree that comfy is the way to go and it does show if you arent in the pics. We choose to do a couple of outfits one was a little more dressy with nice tops but a lot of our pics were done in jeans and with us wearing our Dallas Cowboys jerseys. Good luck cant wait to see the pics!

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  • If you aren't sure I would suggest the same as some PPs and bring a few different changes of clothes. Whatever you feel comfortable in is key from what my friends have all told me...we haven't done our e-pics yet.
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    I would bring both if I were you.  I think most people have about two outfits in their shoots.


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  • We also did two outfits, kind of a "Sunday best" which I ended up using for our engagement announcements and then we changed into the casual outfits we were wearing when he proposed.
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  • We were the crazy ones... we had 5 outfit changes.

    Bring what you will love, but understand your environment.  If you are doing some along a boardwalk kind of atmosphere, bold colors will pop against the bright backgrounds.  For the beach, softer hues or tropical hues always look amazing.  If you are doing a sunset set, dark colors to make you pop against the orange/red backdrop are best

    And always, and I mean ALWAYS, remember a pair of flipflops.  If you are going to be in the sand, I would also bring something to clean the excess grains off with (like a jug of water.
  • I always like the casual photos but we are a casual bunch!
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