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3 Months to go and a bridesmaid & flower girl without a dress

When I initially got engaged, I asked all of my sisters to be my BMs (I have four total - half, bio, and steps). All of them expressed complete interest in being in the wedding. Since Ive picked out the dress in April and provided all of my sisters the information for the dress (where to get it, what information to provide Davids so they got the right color, etc) all but one BM has bought her dress. Ive already had one person who had to bow out, but I was completely understandable since she is paying for her sons tuition and they live in another state (one of my MOH was my cousin). But now its three months away and one of my sisters hasnt bought her dress yet. To make matters worse, her daugher (my neice) is one of my flower girls and they havent gotten her dress either. Ive spoken with my brother in law and he said that they wouldnt know for certain if they would even be able to come until the end of September. At that point it would put me in a bind in getting someone to step in. What should I do at this point? I love my sister and very dearly want her to be part of my wedding, but should I should I, at this point, ask someone else? Or wait till September when she knows if they will be able to come?  My wedding is the end of November.
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Re: 3 Months to go and a bridesmaid & flower girl without a dress

  • Well, you don't 'get someone to step in' regardless, because that's rude. Please just let them handle it and don't stress if they end up not being able to make it to the wedding.
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    Their one and only responsibility is to get the dress.  Let them do it.  Like a PP said, you might see if there's some way you can help out financially if necessary, but otherwise, leave it alone.  Your wedding isn't today, and as long as they have the dress in hand by the ceremony itself, it doesn't matter how long it's been hanging in the closet.

    And under absolutely no circumstances do you get someone else.  This is your sister, you shouldn't do anything to suggest that she's replaceable.  No one wants to be second choice, especially second choice at the last minute, at which point they're clearly just warm bodies.
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  • If a person has not purchased their dress by the deadline, they have taken themselves out of the wedding.

    You do not try to replace them by asking someone else.
  • I think 3 months is plenty of time for a BM dress. my wedding is on 9-29 and one girl will shop for her dress next week. It really helps that she fits in a dress off the rack meaning no alterations are needed. I think she has enough time, don't pressure her at this point. 3 months is crunch time for you but the girls seem to be pretty laid back since their sole responsibility is to purchase a dress.
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