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dessert table... How much of everything???

For my wedding we are having a dessert table with a small cutting cake (25 slices) we are also going to have cupcakes, cake pops, and apple pies. There will be 150 guests. 

How much of each kind of dessert do we need to have? What would be the difference in number if we had one or two flavors of cupcakes?


Re: dessert table... How much of everything???

  • I think the amount of desserts depends on what else you are doing.

    Are you simply having a dessert table as your entire food offering, or having a meal as well? If you are having a dessert-only reception, at a non-meal time, you probably are having a shorter reception. Then I'd say you'd want 3-4 pieces per person, because that is all you are offering.

    If your dessert table is simply the dessert after dinner, then you'd want to take into account at what time it's served, and for how long it is available. Your cake is not being served to guests, as there isn't enough to go around. I happen to love desserts so I'd probably have 1 of everything. If it will remain out on display until the end of the night, you'd probably want to plan on people eating more.

    Only you know your guests. If you have hearty eaters who love sweets, I'd say plan on 1 per person per hour. 150 people x 1 x 4 hrs = 600 "pieces" of sweets. Maybe that seems excessive, but it's better to err on the side of caution than run out IMO.

    Do you have a caterer? They can give you a better idea.
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    Sue gave some great advice.  Like her I love sweets so I would probably try one of everything.  I would definitely have enough of each thing so that your guests can have one of each item.  I may even bump it up to 1.5 pieces per person just in case.

    Make sure to have take home boxes available so that your guests can box up their pieces if they don't want to eat them at the reception.  The boxes are also good so at the end of the night any lingering guests can take the leftovers.

  • 1.5 pieces per person of popular stuff; 1 piece of less popular stuff. You could get cute personalized go boxes (or plain ones) and extras can double as a favor.
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