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catholic ceremony outside of mass - moving around in long train and veil!

ok so maybe a dumb question, but i'm having serious anxiety about moving around during the ceremony! we are having a catholic wedding outside of mass (no communion).  i have a very long train and veil, and although we won't be kneeling, we will have to sit for parts of our ceremony, then stand again.

i've grown up catholic, but really have never paid attention to details like this at the weddings i've attended in the past. has anyone experienced this or have helpful tips? the last thing i want to be worrying about during my ceremony is how i'm going to move around.

thanks so much!

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Re: catholic ceremony outside of mass - moving around in long train and veil!

  • Riss91Riss91 member
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    Usually you will have your MOH at the altar with you. Just ask her to help you whenever you stand/sit and need your train adjusted. It will be fine! No worries!
  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    the train shouldnt be an issue since your MOH will help you and you can sort of grab it all and move with it if you need to, and of course it will be bustled after the ceremony (i assume).  i personally would be concerned abotu the veil though, because if you step on it or sit weird on it, it may pull on yoru hair.  i purposely chose an elbow length veil to avoid worrying about this.  while the cathedral length veils can be gorgeous (my cousin had one) i wouldnt want to have this worry.  i also wanted a veil i could wear to the reception, since you only wear it once, you know? 
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    Ditto pp. Your MOH should help you.
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  • mswood1977mswood1977 member
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    We had a full mass and I wore a dress with a semi-cathedral length train and a finger tip length veil.  I did not have problems moving around, sitting or kneeling, my maid of honor helped keep my train straightened and out of my way.  As for sitting during the ceremony I had my groom help lift up my veil so I would not sit on it each time we returned to our chairs.

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  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
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    You know, I was super nervous about this too.  I tried on my dress and practiced kneeling, sitting and standing in it many times to make sure I wouldn't trip.  When you walk, go slowly and kick out your dress so you don't step on it.  After you get down the aisle, make sure to give your maid of honor your bouquet.  After that, feel free to lift your dress so that you can walk easier.  When you walk, always move forward, never backwards.  If you have to turn around, walk in a slow circle.  As far as remembering when to kneel and stand and sit, I was nervous about that too. I just paid a lot more attention at mass and tried to memorize it before the wedding.  But, the priest said when to stand and sit so it wasn't a big deal.  
  • Theresa626Theresa626 member
    edited December 2011
    OH also about your veil, you can sit on the edge of your chair without your back touching and your veil can go to the side of your chair along with your train.  
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