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Ok one of the very fewthings  my FI has even wanted is for his Grandfather to marry us.  Problem is he isn't in good health, he has a walker and still needs a lot of help moving anywhere.  We have someone to marry us but does anyone have any ideas of how we could involve him?  I would love to do that for my FI, I know it would mean the world to him.

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Re: ideas.....

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    Perhaps you could ask him to say a prayer either at the ceremony or reception?  He could do that from where ever he was seated.
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    Oh!  Pick me!

    My sister got married last fall and her fiance (now husband) wanted his grandfather to marry them, too.  His grandpa was a pastor and had married all his grandkids.  But, my mom wanted our pastor to marry them.  Conundrum...

    Anyway - they decided to share the ceremony.  Our pastor did the majority of the service, and my brother-in-law's grandpa did the vows and the rings.  So it was like a dual service by two pastors thing.

    I will add this: my brother-in-law's grandpa was an amputee.  He was missing half of one of his legs, and one of his hands, both due to separate farm accidents.  Because of this, in his old age, it did cause health concerns - and a few months after my sister got married, the grandpa went fox hunting with another one of his grandsons, and stayed out too long and got too cold and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  He ended up passing away.

    Obviously, very, very sad situation - but now when they look back on their wedding video, it is SO very special to them that his grandpa was a part of the service.  It was special before but obviously now since he is gone, it is very poignant and special because of that.

    Just something to think about.  If it would mean a lot to your fiance to include his grandfather in the service (seriously - have him do the rings and/or vows!) - especially because you never really know how much time you have left with grandparents.
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    I agree with PP have grandpa do the rings and vows, those aspects are most sentimental and sacred...
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    Thanks ladies for the advice I will talk to my FI and see what we can do! Have a lovely weekend!!

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