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Where are you ladies getting your shoes from and where are you having your bridesmaids get theirs? Are you having your bridesmaids wear the same shoe?
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Re: Shoes!

  • For my brother's wedding, we got our shoes at Dyed to Match, and we had ours dyed pink.  They were surprisingly really comfortable shoes.  We got to choose our own style.  For my best friend's wedding, we all got the same gold shoe from DSW.  I also got the shoes for my wedding at DSW.  I guess it all just depends on what look you want.  I told my girls to wear whatever silver shoe they may have had at home.  Their gowns were long, so it didn't really matter to me.
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  • I bought my bridal shoes at Dyed to Match - love them!  My girls can wear whatever shoes they want, so I'm no help there...
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    I got my shoes from Zappos. I ordered 4 different shoes and picked the one I liked the best and sent the rest back, free of charge.

    For my girls I told them to pick a sliver shoe. Some bought new ones, other went to their closet. I could have cared less. Personally I don't like the idea of someone picking a shoe out for me. Everyone feet are different and a shoe that fits you won't necessarily fit mine. That is why i let them pick their own shoes. Also if they had something in their closet that was just when less expense. Being in a wedding is expensive, so every little bit helps.

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  • i bought my shoes at dyed to match (though they wont need to be dyed. i just liked their selection)

    my girls found shoes at DSW and with the coupon they were under $20 per girl =)
    They were these, but in black: http://www.dsw.com/shoe/kelly+.and.+katie+result+sandal+?prodId=dsw12prod3590076&brand=300191&isBrand=y&categoryName=Women%27s%20Shoes

    my BM do have the same shoe, but only cuz they all happened to like it.  it looks nice since their dresses are shorter (in siggy).
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    [QUOTE]I bought my bridal shoes at Dyed to Match - love them!  My girls can wear whatever shoes they want, so I'm no help there...
    Posted by mrszeno34[/QUOTE]

    Same for me.
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  • Do you have to make an appointment for Dyed to Match or can you just walk in?
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  • I second Zappos.com!  I got my pink Kate Spade shoes there.  They have free shipping and free returns.  Also, you can search by color, heel height, designer, etc.  As for my bridesmaids, I asked them all to wear silver shoes.  I left the style up to them.
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