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Starting the Destination Wedding Planning

WOW is the best way to describe this!  I was proposed to on 11-21-09.  We are wanting to go to the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Can ANYONE give me any info on planning a destination wedding?  My sister had a destination wedding about 5yrs ago, so she's going to be a huge help but trying to figure out best deals to get guests to come as well as when we should do it. 
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Starting the Destination Wedding Planning

  • Congrats on the engagement! That's super exciting.
    The Knot has a Destination Weddings board (I think it's probably under Special Topic or Wedding Theme drop down) and the girls over there are super helpful. I'm a Turks and Caicos bride, but lots of people over there have gotten married in USVI.

    Like with any wedding though, you want to start with your budget and really with having your location picked, you have a really hard part of it out of the way. Lots of resorts will have wedding coordinators there to help you through the whole process. Personally, I have found it all to be incredibly stress free. Good luck with everything!
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  • PS. The best advice I can give you is to get a travel agent!! Mine has been HUGELY helpful!
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  • What Salt said.

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  • THanks so much!!!
  • I'm working with an agent from destinationweddings.com she is absolutely wonderful but you must have a budget and location picked first.  I lurk around the DW boards and saw a few people give destinationweddings.com a good review.  It's only $50.00 to have an agent work with you
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  • Ditto Salt et al.

    You may also want to pm/page lyndausvi on the etiquette board, she lives on St. Thomas and is very knowledgable on the island and it's neighbors.

    After you decide where you want to go, decide how many you can afford to host.  It may be only immediate family, it may be many more.  Be forewarned, don't assume that you will be able to invite everyone and most of them won't show because it's a destination wedding.  This may happen, but it's also very possible that you will have a large turnout, because hey, who doesn't want to have a good excuse to go to a tropical beach!  So if you only want or can afford a dozen or less people, only invite those people.  You can then have an at home reception for a larger list.

    Pick your date and then plan on having STD's sent out 6-8 months ahead of that date so people can make travel plans and vacation requests at work.

    Have fun!!
  • I am a DW bride too.  The knot has a great board, so does brides.com
    I love my TA, at www.travelbyvip.com. But I think the best for you might be to just look around!
    Congrat's by the way!
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