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help with officiant!

Soooo...we are getting married this October at the Milwaukee War Memorial. My FI's "friend" tol us last July that he would marry us. I have only met this guy once and he also married FI's sister at a simple ceremony at her house (I wasn't there). I asked FI to email  this friend. He hasn't got back to FI about marrying us and seems to be fllighty....Soooo, my question is.....I know that my friend Sarah would marry us if I asked. She lives in Michigan. Does Wisconsin accept people who are "ordained online" to marry us? If so, do you know of how I would go about finding more info about this?  I just want to have an officiant set in stone since the date is fast approaching and FI's "friend" doesn't seem reliable. TIA!

Re: help with officiant!

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    The do, but there are some requirements... Such as must have the paper certificate, and sometimes a letter of good standing, and they usually have to register with the county prior to the ceremony, so just check with your county courthouse/clerk!
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    They do, however, we ran into one problem.

    If they are from out of state (not a resident in WI), they will need a sponsorship letter from someone of the same denomination that IS a WI resident.

    We were going to have a friend marry us, but he's from MN and we were having a horrible time locating someone to write the letter that is needed.  So, my mom who does live in WI just got ordained online! They will  both help us with the ceremony.

    Check with your county for specific rules.  

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