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Processional with or without grandparents/parents

I was just working on our rehearsal dinner invites and asked FI if we were going to have our parents there and whether or not they would be in the processional or seated before the ceremony starts. 

The only weird issue I have is that my dad is walking me down the aisle, which leaves my mom and step mom (not on speaking terms at all) to be previously seated/ escorted or walk down by themselves during the processional. 

What are you all choosing to do (included/order)? 
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Re: Processional with or without grandparents/parents

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    My mom amd grandmother will be escorted by my brother, who is a groomsman

    My FMIL and FGMIL will be escorted by FI's brother, who is also a groomsman
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    My grandfather will escort his wife
    my dad will escort my grandmother (he will come back for me)
    FI's mom will be escorted by her stepfahter
    my mom will be escorted by her husband
    FI's dad will escort his SO
    BM are escorted by the GM
    Dad is bringing me up
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    We decided to exclude the grandparents because they both use canes and more walking will not benefit them in any way. They were actually both relieved when we told them because they really didn't want to.

    Ours is going like this:
    MOG and best man (her son, FIs brother)
    MOB and FI
    FG and RB
    Me and Dad :)
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    We aren't doing grandparents since I don't have any and FI's mom's side may be the only ones coming.  FI's dad and stepdad are groomsmen so they will both be escorting their wives then go stand with FI.  My brother will escort my mom.
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    Our grandparents will be seated beforehand (his grandfather, my maternal grandparents, and my paternal grandmother).

    FI's parents will be seated next, just them walking down.

    My mother will be escorted to her seat next. I'm debating who should do this as my brother is the first groomsman to walk down the aisle with my sister.

    Then the wedding party: my brother and sister, FI's sister and groomsman, then three more groomsman/bridesmaid couples, the best man and maid of honor, the ring bearer and flower girl, and then my dad and I.
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    Thanks for the responses, ladies! This gives me a little bit of an idea of what to do with our situation. My dad just called me today (to wish me a happy birthday, since my bday is tomorrow) and also told me that he got a job he was applying for. 

    This unfortunately means he'll be going to Afghanistan for a year and may not make it to our wedding Frown
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    We are going to have our grandparents already seated.  They thought it would be easier for them since one needs a wheelchair, and two need walkers. 

    Our parents will walk down, then GMs (with FI) - this may be reversed though, BMs, and then me.
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    Our tentatively is:

    Fi's parents
    My mom, most likely escorted by my brother, unless she would like to walk with my father they are divorced but still friends (speaking)
    FIs grandfather, maybe with on of his aunts

    Our BM's (GM will all be at the alter already)
    Ring bearers
    ME! with my grandmother and grandfather
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    Our grandparents are all deceased. Our order currently will be:

    His Parents
    My Mom escorted by Usher
    Bridal Party escorted by GM's
    Flower Girl/Ringbearer
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    Grandma & My Brother (Officiant)
    FI's Mom & FI's Brother (BM) - His Step-dad behind them
    My Mom & My Brother (GM)
    Jr Bridesmaid
    FG & RB
    Dad & I

    EDIT: We asked GG if wanted to walk down the aisle (she in her late 80's and almost completely blind) or just be seated with everyone else and she said she wouldn't miss the chance to walk down the aisle at her only granddaughter's wedding, so she is walking.. no matter how long it takes!
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