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Collegeville Wegmans Florist

Anyone use Collegeville Wegmans for their flowers and if so what did you think?

Re: Collegeville Wegmans Florist

  •  A friend at work used them and had a lot of problems.  She said their customer service was not so good and she didn't feel like her wedding got the attention it deserved.  She always felt like they forgot about her, they weren't good at getting back to her and she felt it really stressed her out.  She was trying to save money and her flowers were just okay, but not anything wonderful or different for what she ended up paying.  She said she was sorry she didn't use someone who was more attentive and made her flowers more special.  She mentioned that she thinks there are non-supermarket florists in the area who have more to offer someone who wants their wedding flowers to be special.
  • I checked them out too since I live in the area.  They couldn't really help me with my environmentally friendly ideas. But what I didn't care for was that there were different people working there at different times and I wouldn't be talking to the smae person who was designing my wedding.  I thought it would be really frustrating for me if I did work with them.  If you're interested I did choose Whimscial Welcomes who are in the Collegeville area too. Leslie has been nothing but helpful so far.  I'm really glad I chose her and she kept within my budget too.
  • greengirlwdg- do you remember who you spoke with when you were at Wegmans?  I had my consultation with Richard and really liked him.  I did meet with Whimscial Welcomes and Leslie seems great but she was really pushing me to do brighter color flowers than I wanted to do.  I am so torn now.  Any other places you meet with that you liked?  I live in Phoenixville
  • I'm sorry I don't remember the name but I think it was a woman.  Because it's a supermarket, different people work at different times and a big concern was how do I know the person I started with would even be there in two months or by the time of my wedding?   It was just too important to me to take a chance.  Just be honest with Leslie.  She'll do anything you would want.   If you want paler colors, ask her what her suggestions would be. Isn't changing to a different shade of a flower color pretty easy if you like the design?    I know she'll work with you to give you exactly  what you want.  I think she's great too and she continues to be easy to work with.  When I first met her she said that it's my wedding not hers so I would trust her to do what you want.  I think she's the best. NOne of the other flower shops I visited had her creativity, attention to detail, worked so closely with me, or were willing to work with my budget and give me what I wanted.  I checked out a lot of florists in the area to get what I wanted and so many florists do packages or such traditional arrangements that just weren't for me.   So I don't have any other suggestions for you. I looked all over until someone on this board told me about Leslie and i'm so glad they did. She gets lots of raves from people.
    I trust her completely. Let her know what you're thinking.  I'm sure she'd be fine with any changes you throw at her.
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