freaking out about engagement photoshoot

Hi all....

what are some suggestions/ideas for engagement photos in a snowless winer around the canal/downtown?  

our decision to schedule our photos was really last minute in order to get our save the dates out in two weeks....which will already be 4 months before the wedding so i dont even know if I still want to even do those....

my fiancé and i live 2 states apart and are meeting in the middle to get these done tomorrow.  the weather is absolutely terrible in indianapolis right now: it's cold, there's not even snow on the ground, it won't be sunny all weekend because of stupid chances of rain and overcast, and i havent had any chance to talk to my fiancé about planning anything since he's been on night shift.

I just would like some cool suggestions/ideas to do so make me feel like this actually isnt the worst time to have pictures taken.  thanks :(

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Re: freaking out about engagement photoshoot

  • Have you talked to your photographer? They should have ideas about what to do. Do you have any "props" from things you or he enjoys? Sorry I can't be of more help but we never had engagement photos taken.
  • Go to IMA... there's that big Love sculpture, and lots of other pretty scenery around there. They also have beautiful outdoor gardens, but I don't know what they look like in the winter.
  • PP talk to your photog about ideas...BUT take comfort in knowing that overcast creates some of the BEST lighting for photos.
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