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Facial tips

So I have never had a facial before. Actually, I have done the DIY facials at home but I have never had one done by a professional. I was thinking about getting one done 6 weeks before the wedding to see how my skin reacts and then go in for a mini facial two weeks before. Does that sound good? Or does anyone have any advice or tips for me? I don’t really have sensitive skin but it is fickle at times.
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Re: Facial tips

  • I'd be careful if I were you since you've never gotten one done before! I'm not a huge fan of facials. They irritate my skin and occasionally the "essential oils" make me break out a few days later. What do you mean fickle? Are you prone to breakouts? I would do one a little sooner than 6 weeks before your wedding to see how you react and then if all fairs well you can continue with your plan! :)
  • I recently invested in a clarisonic, definitely the best facial product i've EVER owned, makes my skin soo glowy and clean!! it's this sonic brush that vibrates on your skin and gets right into your pores to clean out your skin! u can use it everyday with normal cleansers. for the expense of facials I figure why not have something that will last forever at home instead! 
  • I have acne prone skin and I've had facials before where I've broken out for a long time afterwards.  I have also had facials that have been fine.  I agree that maybe I would try it more that 6 weeks in advance just to be safe.
  • Facials are wonderful for the skin and are a necessity to keeping skin clear and functioning properly. A lot of people don't realize skin regenerates itself every 28 days, so facials on a monthly basis help to purge the skin of environmental toxins, old skin cells and to help maintain hydration so the skin can function properly and continue in it's major role, protection. A facial alone, will not make you break out. If you're prone to breakouts, it's a sensitivity issue, and your practitioner SHOULD understand this and proceed accordingly using soothing products. If your skin is in rough shape and is dehydrated, sometimes extraction can cause irritation because dehydrated skin often times is very tough and tight, and requires more manipulation to achieve the same results as on well-hydrated, healthy skin. Starting at 6 weeks out is a wonderful way to start yourself on a regimen, get acquainted with the procedure, find good skin-care products, educate yourself and start getting your skin in shape! The first step to beautiful makeup is good skin-care!!! Hope you find a wonderful esthetician to help you out and give you loads of great advice!
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  • Jillibeans -- you know what you are talking about where can I get a facialist like you, mine stink! haha. Tooooo bad you're in a new hampshire :(
  • My skin is fickle because it breaks out for no reason. I will have been using a skin product for some time when suddenly my skin decides it doesn't like it. My skin will either break out in a rash or suddenly I will begin to have terrible acne and it usually doesn't go away until I stop using the product. Every once in a while, after I have I have given my skin some time to breath, I can start using the product again but most of the time I experience the same breakouts.

    Thank you Jillibeans! I've checked out a place near by that has great customer reviews so I should not have a problem with talking to them about my skin issues.

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  • yeah, just be careful about getting one too close to your wedding day.  After my last facial, I had nasty whiteheads on my chin for 3 weeks that just wouldn't go away.  they were begging to be popped, but I did, they'd only come back again later on.  Now I'm nervous about going back for another facial.

  • When I was planning my wedding, my friend gave me a site that was so helpful. It had just about everything but the tux and dress in there. Hopefully this will be helpful for someone on here too.
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