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Wedding Shoes in Buffalo...HELP

So I dont want to buy my shoes online.  I  really would like to try them on,  where should I go in Buffalo/ Suburbs to find great wedding shoes....HELP!!!

Re: Wedding Shoes in Buffalo...HELP

  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    I got mine at dyedtomatch  (transit road).  They were a bit expensive ($70ish), but i've worn them for a couple formal occasions.

    Any of the department stores or usual shoe places have some white/ivory formal shoes to try on as well.  orrrr you could always go with a color! =)
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    Thanks !! I think I will be either be wearing very sparkly shoes or colorful shoes!
  • StephyD216StephyD216 member
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    I didn't have much luck with stores in the area, but I used both zappos.com and shoes.com to find the perfect heels- they have free shipping both ways.

    Good luck!
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    I got mine at Nordstroms...I saw the pair in the store, tried them on, then waited for them to go on sale (my work's HQ is in Cleveland and they have a store there.

    Otherwise try DSW.  I bought my reception shoes there!
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  • AZMagnini14AZMagnini14 member
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    Dyed to Match on transit also!!
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    Thanks for all the help ladies! I am going to try and see if I can find somethings around here, but if not I may just have to take a little trip to Toronto and hit up the Eaton Centre! I will definitely try dyed to match and DSW! 
  • jenpiglet17jenpiglet17 member
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    Waterloo outlets is always fun, and it's a mini (short) roadtrip :) I've seen Payless have wedding shoes a few times when I went in there.  I'm having the same problem finding dressier shoes for the church.  The reception is going to be flip flops and my cowboy boots :)
  • degreadegrea member
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    There is a store in Clarence Center called Get Heeled, they have some awesome shoes.

    I got mine from Zappos. I ordered a few pairs and returned the ones I didn't like. It worked out perfect because shipping was free.

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  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
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    I second zappos.com!  They have free shipping and free return!  I originally ordered my shoes in a 5.5, but returned them for free and was shipped a new pair for free!
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    TARGET!  yep.  i bought my wedding shoes at target.

    bought a few pairs in a few different styles/colors to get free shipping then returned what i didn't want in store.

    i wore these - in purple :)

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    got mine today at Dyed To Match!  Got them in that little sample/discontinued room for only $40 and I'm totally in love with them!
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