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Wintery Center Pieces & Ideas for kids table

Our reception will be fairly siimple (cheap) but I would like to have some sort of centerpieces.  Main colors are red and black, will probably have some white and silver too.  I was thinking about spray painting some pine cones silver.  I'd like to avoid candles since 1/3 of my guests are  under the age of 8. 

Any other cheap ideas?

I'm actually thinking about trying to do something with balloons that looks somewhat classy.  We will have around 20 or so kiddos and 30-40 adults. 

Any ideas for a kids busy table.  We are doing dinner at a party room so we wont have tons of room.  I was trying to think up crafts that kids would like to do.  My boys aren't all that into crafts so this is new territory for me

Re: Wintery Center Pieces & Ideas for kids table

  • You could always to a vase/ribbon/stone/flower/mirror centerpieces (Dollar Tree has lots of vases for $1). No candles needed. :)

    What ages are the kids? That could make a difference in the stuff you put on their table.
    You could do coloring books/activities, mask supplies (precut out pieces, markers, precut strings, rhinestones), popsicle puppets (wooden sticks, charater cutouts, marskers, glue).

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  • Ballons might be distracting if they start poping.

    You can go to thrift stores and buy vases for under a dollar and get them in various hights and add flowers from your own garden, or I know Nob Hill has three bunches of various flowers for twelve dollors, making each centerpiece under $5.

    You can have single standing picture frames with pictures of you the fiance as a centerpiece.

    For the kids table, possibly put cylinders of markers and crayons in the center, along with treats and have their place setting be an activity book?

    You can also use battery operated candles if you did want to use candles.
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