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Does anyone have any decently priced suggestions for hair and makeup near sturbridge ma?  I really dont want to spend 300 on hair and makeup, trying to keep my budget lower but am having a hard time... thanks!

Re: Hair and Makeup Sturbridge Ma

  • I am sorry, I don't have any recommendations but I looking for the same thing in the same area!
  • Hi!  I know this is late, but I am having Kim at Finally Lisa's Salon in Southbridge do my hair.  Her number is  508-764-4422 .  And I am having a woman named Maria do my make up.  Her number is  774-239-0157.  Hope this helps!  Where are you guys getting married?
  • Kelly, just curious of costs for your hair. Nobody has prices online! I just don't want to expect to pay around xx and it turns out MUCH higher than expected. You can PM me if you don't want to post here!
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  • Are you getting married in Sturbridge? Or close by?  I called a few salons in the area but havent made up my mind yet!

  • Bobby Scott from brush. In East Longmeadow is doing my hair and makeup. I can promise you it is not 300. He's amazing, he's actually my regular hair dresser too.
  • I'm coming in a bit late but absolutely check out Christy Lavallee and her team - they do both makeup and hair and have a studio right in Sturbridge, plus they work on location on the wedding day. Phenomenal work!!
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