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barn wedding in the mountains of new hamsphire

looking for a barn/tent wedding outside with lots of land an great views-  someone todl me about toad hill farm--has anyone ever heard of this place and if so what  is your advise : or any other place you can think of or know that is good


Re: barn wedding in the mountains of new hamsphire

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    OMG..I have the PERFECT place for you! :) It's where I got married...Bishop Farm Bed and Breakfast

    We had a lot of choices of where we wanted to get married and we are SOOOOO happy we chose Bishop Farm. There are so many reasons why our wedding was so amazing and many of those reasons are because of the mother/daughters owners Maggie, Annie and Heather Salter. The care and dedication they put into running this B&B is so evident the moment you arrive. They did everything possible to make the weekend and the wedding go off without a hitch and the success of our wedding was in LARGE part due to them. They are three spectacular women!

    Every single one of our guests, both those who stayed the weekend with us at Bishop Farm and those who did not, commented on how amazing the place was and how friendly the people are. We rented out the entire place for the weekend and it was such a blessing to see our friends and family enjoy Bishop Farm as much as we did.

    I'll never be able to really put into words how much my husband and I love Bishop Farm and how special it is to us. But I do know this past weekend was magical and it's all because of the Bishop Farm and the Salter family!

    It has everything you are looking for...a beautiful barn, a great spot for a tent, tons of land and some great views!

    I've also heard WONDERFUL things about Toad Hill Farm but I can't comment cause I never looked into it. ;)

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    I really appreciate your reply . I will also look into that one. If you can find out anyhting about the toad hill farm it would be greatly apprecaited -  :-)  My date is in Sept
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