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HELP! Have you stayed at Sandals Regency, St Lucia?

I see there's a new post below me about all 3 St. Lucia resorts...has anyone been to specifically the Regency? What did you think? I'm reading reviews on TripAdvisor and see lots of rave reviews, but then the bad ones are thrown in there and it's just confusing me! HELP!

Re: HELP! Have you stayed at Sandals Regency, St Lucia?

  • I think it'll help knowing that no matter where you go, someone will always have a bad experience. Do the goods outweigh the bads? What's the timeline? Do the more recent reviews fall on the side of positive or negative?
  • Good point...thanks for the advice! =]
  • There are only two negatives I heard about the Regency. I have not stayed there, but spoke with people who were staying there while we were on an island tour during our HM. 

    1. The beach is often closed.
    2. There's quite a hike from the rooms to one of the restaurants (I think that's what they said). It's set on a mountain, so there's lots of stairs, etc.
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  • Thanks! I keep reading that about the beach (on reviews)...that's odd...do you happen to know why? Isn't the beach supposed to be a MAIN ATTRACTION to St. Lucia?!
  • Hey girl -- I'm the one that posted below about St. Lucia. Haha I read Trip Advisor reviews all last night, too! I think we've narrowed it down to the Regency & Grande now. My only concern is 1) the beach being closed sometimes, and 2) I want to make sure the room we get is recently renovated. I've seen some pictures online (trip advisor) of rooms that do NOT look like something I want to pay thousands for (old, crusty, missing tiles, small and cramped bathrooms). The Regency seems great though -- tons of restaurants, middle-of-the-road pricing (compared to Halcyon & Grande), golf course, etc. I'm torn because the Grande's beach is better, but it's also more expensive and it seems like their beach is really crowded because everyone from the others 2 Sandals comes there. So I think it might just be better to stay at the Regency and if the beach happens to be closed, ride the shuttle to the Grande for its beach?? I would love to hear your thoughts! We need to figure this out soon.
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  • Their sales are ongoing always.  It's almost always 50-60% off. Don't worry about there not being another one.
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  • Jessica -- Just an update! I finally got my FI interested in researching the resorts, and he seems to like the Halcyon the best. At first I wasn't crazy about it because I think it's a little older and it's definitely smaller. BUT -- He was saying that it'll be nice to stay at a more quiet/peaceful place (which is hopefully less crowded) but be able to visit the others if we want a little more craziness/adventure. I wasn't thrilled about the cheapest rooms there, but then we realized that since the Halcyon is cheaper than the Regency, we could afford a higher priced room. We're looking at the "Royal Honeymoon Paradise Pool Luxury Room" and the next step up.  Both look super nice in the pics and they're newly refurbished and seem more modern than the cheaper rooms.  Both are right near the Paradise Pool, too, which NC knotties have told me is really calm & romantic (esp. in the evenings -- it gets pretty deserted). Anyway -- just wanted to throw the idea out there for you!
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  • ash - thanks so much! For whatever reason, I hadn't looked at pricing there...you are right, things are SO much cheaper! You can afford the most expensive room for the same price for a low-mid room at the others! Thanks for the tip, I will be looking further into it! When are you going?
  • Haha...We're going a lot sooner than you are, according to your wedding countdown! We're getting married May 8th 2010 and going on our honeymoon June 17th 2010 (because I'm a teacher and want to travel after school lets out for summer break). Definitely check into that resort. It has a very different "vibe" from the others, but at least 2 NC girls stayed there and said nothing but great things about it! They rode the shuttle to the Regency & Grande many nights to experience the different restaurants & bars. My FI likes that it's located right in between Regency & Grande so the ride to either is very short. :) 
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  • Well you'll have to put up a review when you get back! So exciting!!! =] I'm going for elementary ed...I'll be done this December...can't WAIT to finally just teach (I'm student teaching right now!).  Great job =] Nice to know that all of the Sandals in St. Lucia are close! Do you know if the Grande Luxe Beachfront Walkout Room has been remodeled? I would love to be right there on the beach...that room looks gorgeous, just wondering if you happen to know if that's one of the remodeled ones! Thanks so much!
  • Oh you'll love it next year! It's my first year teaching (I'm in Kindergarten) and it's so much better than student teaching. And I'm not sure about that room....I just knew about the others because it says in the description that they are newly renovated, but that one doesn't say. Also, I've read some reviews of people who stayed RIGHT on the beach, and they said it was a little awkward b/c you're sitting on your patio and beach vendors can just walk right up and talk to you since the beach is public. Not quite as romantic/private as you imagine it to be. But that room does look amazing!!
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  • ash - I'm student teaching right now in Kindergarten!! How ironic! And good point about being on the beach - that would be a little awkward having vendors come u to our room!!

    cvl - good, I'm glad!
  • I know I'm late to this, but I just got back from the Regency on December 30th. H and I LOVED it. We visited the Grande quite a few times as well. The Grande feels more like a hotel, with everything kind of on top of each other while the Regency is MUCH more spread out. The Regency also has more restaurant choices. We spent a pool/ beach day at the Grande and while the beach is nice--it's VERY narrow and VERY crowded--it's just long. The pools there are nice, but the Regency pools just seemed cleaner to us. The Regency's beach is wider, but rockier than the Grande--and less crowded. It definitely has more waves, but they are fun waves. Out of our 10 days there, it was only red flagged (ie closed) one of the days we were there. You can also swim out as far as you want at the Regency compared to having a roped off area at the Grande.

    The Regency has two swim up pool bars--I don't think a lot of people realize that. We LOVED the Sunset Pool on the Bluffs. It's the more peaceful pool (compared to the Pavilion Pool which is the party pool) and we never had a problem getting chairs. Armandos is also up there and they have great food--yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    As for room cateogories--unless you book concierge or better you will not have room service or an in room bar. Just to warn you--the Sandals in St Lucia aren't really hopping when it comes to nightlife and the restaurants/snack bars don't stay open late. So, if you get hungry later on night, it may be worth it to at least book concierge. We had butler service and LOVED it.

    As for rooms themselves--the Honeymoon Beach Front Room you mentioned is  location 4 on the Regency Map--the Esperance Building. Unfortunately, this location at the Regency was the ONLY bad thing IMO about the resort. This building is between the Pavilion Pool and the Spa and it has a HORRIBLE sewage smell around it--strictly in the building and by the rooms, the smell doesn't go to the Spa or Pool. So, I would stay away from there. The rooms aren't true beach front walkout rooms anyhow--the walkout to the stone wall and then you go down another walk to the actual beach.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  • Stephy - wow, thanks SO much for all the info! I REALLY appreciate it...definitely good to know! I will definitely PM you if I have any more ??'s - great to have someone who has just been there!

    One question I know I have - I am a REALLY picky eater - I've browsed through the menus online...is everything at all the restaurants really so fancy (like I see)? Or could I get just a regular chicken breast or pizza or something?
  • I am going to be booking the Regency for our honeymoom and have enjoyed all your suggestions. I am a big planner to and you all have helped make my decision so much easier.

    What rooms would you say is the nicest at the Regency with a ocean view? Any suggestions.
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